UP!–When a Book is a “THRILL RIDE”!

Cover-Azkaban(NOTE: while this post is current, scroll on the sidebar —in a separate tab or window—to click to listen to Hedwig’s Theme while reading 😀)

Don’t you just love when, as a book’s “passenger,” you never want the ride to end? I and thousands of readers agree that J. K. Rowling’s writing style grabs your imagination and emotions by the collar, straps you in its seat and won’t let go! Thanks to Sheila at Book Journey, I’m on that ride again 🙂

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, is the third leg of this thrilling “roller coaster” ride. We’re filled with expectation as our author ushers us in with another packed carful of characters. She flips the switch, the cars lurch and we start off slowly, with Vernon Dursley’s sister, Marge, who’s every bit as horrible as he is. Her opinion of Harry is that of a dog, and a mangy one at that, ultimately pushing Harry over the edge. As a reader, we feel as satisfied as Harry in justice having been served when so well-deserved! Continue reading