UP!–ENCORE! for Mister Rogers Talks with Parents

If ever there is a book for parents that needs to go back into print, it’s this one (available at exorbitant prices). I am now a grandmother and also write for children, so am reading this book with great appreciation. This is as thoughtful, and full of common sense and invaluable knowledge as a parent could want or need. I don’t understand why it ever went OUT of print!

Several reviewers on Goodreads commented that there are parts which are “outdated” and gave it a 4-star review for that reason. I wholeheartedly disagree! The nature of being a child doesn’t change—the world they live in and how adults approach parenting is what changes. In my opinion, the wisdom contained in this book is timeless—as relevant today as it was when, and before, the book was written.

And while I’m at it, I feel the need to mention something in Fred Rogers‘ defense:

He has been unjustly blamed for the fruition of a largely “entitled” generation. When Fred Rogers expressed to children “you are special just as you are,” he was most definitely not saying “you are more special than everyone else” or “you don’t need to do anything to reap rewards;” he touted nothing of the sort. His many years in television and all things related to children were done specifically to benefit and care for children’s well-being. He was doing what he could to instill good self-esteem, and validation for their feelings and who they were as individuals—something good teachers and parents still (and should continue to) emphasize.

The generation/s of “entitled” individuals stemmed, not from Mr. Rogers, but from psychologists who proclaimed that reprimanding children was detrimental, and encouraged superfluous praise to build self-esteem. In turn there were many parents who not only took this advice to heart, but often times to an extreme by not disciplining a child when necessary and garnishing excessive praise whether or not it was warranted. That, along with a parent or caregiver’s belief or need to be a “pal” instead of a “disciplinary parent,” (parents can be both), and over-protecting them from the world’s harsh realities is what led to a noticeable increase in an entitled mentality and inability to cope.

Everything Fred Rogers offered to children was to help them achieve the polar opposite–to become balanced, confident, happy people, comfortable in their own skin “as they are,” to live their lives knowing that their feelings mattered, and to become members of society who positively contribute to their families and communities. He also offered to adults his knowledge and wisdom in order to help children do just that through TV specials and books like this one.

Mister Rogers Talks with Parents is a gem of which—if it were still available—belongs on bookshelves in every home and public library. It became a part of mine, as a birthday present, thanks to my boyfriend, Mark (and Etsy!), 😃😎❤🧡💛💚💙💜❣

And I’m very curious to hear your opinions on this subject matter…

UP!–And the Lucky “MY QUIET SHIP” Winners are… :D

Yes, you heard me right! I said “WinnerS“—in the plural 😀

I already know Hallee has a big heart, so I wasn’t surprised when she told me she wanted all the Giveaway entrants to win something 😃❤🤗

With that in mind, to celebrate the release of her debut book My Quiet Ship, we let Rafflecopter randomly select a “Grand Prize” Winner who will receive the full “My Quiet Ship” package; and First and Second “Runners Up,” each of whom will receive a signed copy of My Quiet Ship! ALL OTHER ENTRANTS will receive a little surprise from Hallee! Is that cool or what?! 😎 Continue reading

UP!–IMAGINATION is Powering a BIG “Quiet Ship” Book/Prize GIVEAWAY! :D

I’m going to make an assumption here and figure it’s not a stretch that most of you “Writer Side UP!” blog readers know I’m quite a fan of books. You know, those printed gateways to countless worlds, imaginary and otherwise? And while we’re at it — I’m a not-so-little fan of imagination, for that matter. Seriously, one should never underestimate the power of imagination. After all — it is a limitless entity 😎 And one of its best features is it’s always handy, on call 24/7, there whenever you need it. Continue reading

UP!–Q&A with Peter H. Reynolds

Q&A-LighterSideUp_WriterSideUp.com_byDonnaMariePeter - portrait

     A “Lighter Side Up”

            Q & A with

        Peter Reynolds


Confident that someone wouldn’t have to be unusually perceptive, it’s not a stretch to assume you’ve gotten just a bit of a hint that I am somewhat OVER-THE-MOON, JUMPING-OUT-OF-MY-SKIN EXCITED about the Reynolds brothers visiting my blogs for a “chat” in celebration of International Dot Day 😁😍👍👏😎❣💥!!!!!!!

No “Dynamic Duo” is complete when you have one of a pair. Last week I had the pleasure of one cape-donning superhero dropping by: the amazing Paul Reynolds. This week none other than the pencil-and-brush-wielding Peter Reynolds is here. Needless to say, very much in “Lois Lane” fashion, I’ve been swept off my feet to circle the stars by their gracious presence and certainly their incredibly thoughtful, moving and inspirational responses to my questions. I’m betting you enjoyed Paul’s and are about to enjoy Peter’s too 😀 😎 (also posted on “Creativity” Cookbook) Continue reading

UP!–Q&A with Paul A. Reynolds

Q&A-LighterSideUp_WriterSideUp.com_byDonnaMariePaul - portrait

       A “Lighter Side Up”

               Q & A with

            Paul Reynolds


For those of you who’ve been following my blog since its launch, you may recall that at that time it had been planned to do Q&As with the Reynolds brothers, but due to life’s demands the posts had to be postponed. These are two busy guys. After all, what else would you expect from superheroes?! Well, I can tell you—they were worth the wait. When you read their sensitive, wise, affecting responses to my questions, their superpowers are crystal clear: words and actions that stem from passionate, sincere hearts. I’m SO honored to be hosting them as part of International Dot Day 2018 (just 2 weeks away, having been inspired by Peter’s book, The Dot!). This year, rather than creating my own little Dot, I think this is a MUCH better way to celebrate 🙂 ❤ Continue reading