The “Lighter Side Up” Q & As

with :Donna Marie


I don’t know if you agree, but I think pretty much everyone is interesting on some level. Of course, some people are very interesting and not just to me, but to many people. Typically we can find a fair amount of information on these very interesting people through a variety of sources, especially the internet. Most times that’s enough to satisfy our curiosity. Yet there are times I find myself wanting to know more, wanting to know the kinds of things you might find out in casual conversation while sharing a park bench or a cup of coffee at your favorite café—the stuff friends typically know about each other. What we have in common and how we differ, what makes us laugh or cry, if we like extra cheese on our pizza, the things that create familiarity and intimacy—the things that make us “Us!”

For “Lighter Side Up” interviews**, each person is given virtually the same thoughtfully-considered list of questions except for a few guest-specific ones. Most questions are on the lighter side, but as light as they are can still give us a bit more insight into the minds and personalities of each guest as an individual—getting to know them better which, of course, is the point 🙂

So, if you want to spend a little time learning more about my special and interesting guests, just grab your beverage of choice and pull up a chair for a cozy chat with…

  • Matthew C. Winner  teacher/librarian, host of the “Let’s Get Busy” podcasts, White House “Champion of Change,” and an ALA “Mover and Shaker,” plus much more!
  • Felicia Maziarz, child author. A peek inside the world of young, talented, driven girl who’s accomplished more than many adults I know lol
  • Peter H. & Paul A. Reynolds – originally scheduled for Sept.,now coming Nov./Dec. 2014

***Please visit the “INTERVIEWS” page on my sister blog Creativity Cookbook,                         for “Lighter Side Up” Q & A with creativity-related guests 🙂



** Please note: It will be a rare occurrence when I actively promote a book release in on my blog, in a committed and formal way because:

1) “Writer Side UP!” is not that type of venue

2)  I’m unable to make these type commitments (I won’t even commit to a rigid posting schedule for myself!)

3)  I already know I won’t be able to read most books (mainly chapter books and novels) and would never feel comfortable championing a book I haven’t read, especially since many books don’t meet a 100% G-rated standard which I uphold on both blogs. I may, at times, mention or recommend books in posts, but may not link to them for the reasons just stated (I’m doing my best to avoid linking to sites which contain ads).

Also, please note that I’m not a reviewer. I can’t make that work and wouldn’t want to let anyone down, so I thank you for your understanding in this respect.

“Kid” authors are an obvious exception, and I feel very strongly about encouraging and supporting them with such worthwhile, creative activity! The other exception would be if I am specifically asking an author or illustrator to do a “Lighter Side Up” interview which, when possible, would be posted on or about a release date since that is what makes sense. this will not be often, though 😦 since my “Lighter Side Up” Q&As have turned out to be very time-intensive, so I have to keep those posts at a minimum. Of course, most picture books are G-rated which fit into my intentions for both blogs and their decorum, so that will likely be the direction I head in that respect.

Running blogs is very new to me and I still need to get a handle on the scheduling and the inordinate amount of time I’m spending on them. Things WILL balance out 🙂 Thank you!




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