Periodicals_WriterSideUp.com_byDonnaMarieBookStack_WriterSideUp.com_byDonnaMarieI think it’s safe to assume that anyone who has the ability to read is blessed with a great gift. A gift we often take for granted. But when faced with the condition of illiteracy, we are reminded of the blessing it is.

Many of us read everyday, sometimes the majority of the day! Now, with the use of computers, tablets, word processors, the internet, smart phones, you name it, we are reading something throughout the day. So why do we read? What do we read?

Nonfiction, through avenues such as books, periodicals and newsletters, typically offers subjects that we either want to or need to know more about. Fiction is a mixed bag as far as why readers read fiction. The reasons can be as varied as the readers themselves.

For me, I love reading, more now than at any time in my life. I love words, language, information and storytelling, so being an avid reader is a “given.” Within these subheadings, the what, why, where and who of reading will be explored. Always joyful for me! 🙂

Problems Only BOOK LOVERS Understand 😀



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