Life sure does get busy, but I hope I’m never so busy that I won’t be compelled to participate in this WONderful annual—well, year-round, actually—celebration of CREATIVITY! Yep! It’s Dot Day, people! 😁😍 And as you can see by the image here, you can hear Peter Reynolds “share the origins of International Dot Day” 😁😎🤩

As you likely would expect, my being able to celebrate Dot Day for the first time with my granddaughter, Charlotte, was VERY exciting for me last year. (And in a few years I’ll be initiating the other one once she’s old enough! hehehe) Well, we did it again this year! And I have to tell you, it has been thrilling this past year to witness the creative artist blossoming in her..she’s got the gene, no question, and very evident at just 5 years old 🎨👧😄😎.

So now to unveil this year’s dots 🔴🟡🔵🟢. The one to the very right was a sketchy, relatively boring one 😏🙄 I did along with her, and the middle one began as Charlotte wanting to do the same dot that’s on the cover of the book The Dot, but she lost interest in it quickly. But it’s the one on the left that’s still impressing me. Why? Because of the symbolism and her execution.

I had some leftover pipe cleaner curls I’d made last year and when she picked up the green one, after studying it for a few seconds she said, “This looks like the heart of te fiti.” No matter how many times she said it, I wasn’t sure what she was saying because it wasn’t English and since I’ve only watched Disney’s “Moana” once fully through, I wasn’t familiar with what she was referring to 😮. But she loves the movie (it really is beautiful, as are all Disney movies 🥰🥰🥰), and that green swirl spoke to her. What impresses me the most is her embellishment which represents the crown of pink flowers Moana wears. Not until I was searching for an image of the “heart of te fiti” did I discover this and yes, I’m her grandmother so I’m naturally partial, but as an artist I’m objectively kinda blown away by that aspect of her artistic sense 🥳😀😄😁🥰🎨👍👏.

OK, so after all that gushing 😁😊, I’ll show you my “official” dot for this year. My creativity isn’t quite in full force right now (too busy doing HUGE purging/cleaning/organizing in this house!), so I decided to re-purpose artwork I did for a different project, and make it more purposeful as my dot, which feels very satisfying, I must say. And it’s not 100% “used” since I did at least newly create the text for it 😉

I continue to sing the praises of the day and the people who started it all: Terry Shay, Peter Reynolds and Paul Reynolds and mention the interviews I got to do with them (a bright spot for me!), all of which you can see through these links along with my previous Dots:

2014Terry Shay201520162017 … 2018 with Peter and Paul …. 20192020 … and 2021. Creativity “heroes” all 🤩🤩🤩

So again—Happy Dot Day, everyone—a day that can be celebrated EVERY day of the year! Get creative, make your mark and MAKE A DOT! 😄🥰😎🤭😃👌👌😁🎨

7 thoughts on “UP! — INTERNATIONAL DOT DAY 2022! Yay! :D

  1. Thanks so much for sharing about your experiences with Charlotte. Great to see the artistic talent flow through the family! She went 3 dimensional on her dot, which is a compelling perspective. Good for you all!


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