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In time, I plan to fill this page with links to sources I consider valuable. Below the videos are just a few to get started:

Whenever we can, we should support the irreplaceable indie bookstores 😀 :

…and we most certainly should never undervalue our public libraries 😀 :

  • Library Love ❤ My post highlighting my local public library.


Watch.Connect.Read is one the BEST KidLit blogs on the internet. John Schumacher was a teacher librarian who now serves as Ambassador for School Libraries for Scholastic Book Fairs knows as much as anyone can about “All Things KidLit,” so if you want to stay updated on new releases, cover and book trailer reveals, and read interviews by authors and illustrators, this is the place. You can also find him, on occasion (sometimes monthly) when he and Colby Sharp host their book club: #SharpSchu


Drop Everything and Read

Let’s Get Busy Podcasts with host Matthew Winner – if you love KidLit and want to know                  more about the authors, illustrators and other heavy hitters throughout the KidLit                  community, you are sure to enjoy these amazing podcasts!

Noodle’s “Ask a Librarian: Find Your Next Book” with Betsy Bird, is an easy-to-use flow chart classifying picture books by age group.

In My BooksBOOKMARKS serve as greeting cards that become a bookmarks once given. To me, they are the perfect size and they have one to fit every genre!


Many more to come…







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