For Readers

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In time, I plan to fill this page with links to sources I consider valuable. Below the videos are just a few to get started:

Whenever we can, we should support the irreplaceable indie bookstores 😀 :

…and we most certainly should never undervalue our public libraries 😀 :

  • Library Love ❤ My post highlighting my local public library.



Drop Everything and Read

Let’s Get Busy Podcasts with host Matthew Winner – if you love KidLit and want to know                  more about the authors, illustrators and other heavy hitters throughout the KidLit                  community, you are sure to enjoy these amazing podcasts!

Noodle’s “Ask a Librarian: Find Your Next Book” with Betsy Bird, is an easy-to-use flow chart classifying picture books by age group.

In My BooksBOOKMARKS serve as greeting cards that become a bookmarks once given. To me, they are the perfect size and they have one to fit every genre!


Many more to come…







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