Yep, you heard me right! I bit the self-publishing bullet and published books–6 of them!

Since March, when the U.S. got heavily hit by COVID-19, I began work on a pandemic-themed story which I decided to publish in 6 diverse versions.  Yes, the story is exactly the same for each, but the reader gets to pick the version preferred by gender, skin and hair color, and [coming soon] family type.

Rather than being repetitive, I’m sending you over to the PippinHeroHelpers.com website I created specifically for the books, but especially to offer many free downloads on mask wearing and hand washing for the purpose of helping children comply with these new rules. They are kid-friendly and available in both 8 1/2 x 11″ and 11 x 17″ sizes to print and post in homes, schools, doctors’ offices–anywhere!

Obviously, it would be great if you honored me with an ebook or paperback purchase, but if not, please spread the word! The purpose of this entire project is to help children through this pandemic, and now with school starting, it’s that much more important. This is my contribution and I hope you can help the effort.

Meanwhile, please, everyone–I hope you’re staying physically distant, wearing masks and washing hands frequently to stay safe! 🥰🤗👌


8 thoughts on “UP!–I’ve PUBLISHED BOOKS!

    • Thanks, Lauri…lol…yeah, I keep hearing, as I continue working myself silly with it and not seeing the results I hope for, that this is the “first step”! We’ll see! I hadn’t expected to do this, so you just never know in life, right? 😀 Thank you for your support and I’m grateful you purchased a copy ❤


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