UP!–OK…Wow! Sorcerer’s Stone ILLUSTRATED!


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It just goes to show you how behind I am on news that, several years ago, I would’ve been aware of AGES before it happened. Today, on one of my Barnes & Noble visits, as I was making a bee-line for the Children’s Books section, I passed by a 4-step display and once THIS COVER registered in my mind ❗ , I doubled back to get a better look. As if put under the Imperius Curse 😕 , as I stepped forward my arms raised and I snatched a copy from its perch. I greedily put it in a basket to peruse along with the dozen other picture books I would gather. Of course, I saved looking at this for last 😎 . Continue reading

UP!–So…You Think MINECRAFT is for KIDS, Do You?


Have you ever been surprised by where you find inspiration? I can tell you, I wouldn’t have thought a video game (game?!) would be such a source for me, but Minecraft is most definitely NOT just a video game. It’s a world unto itself in which CREATIVITY is the main character! This program is so advanced and has such extensive capabilities that Continue reading