Way Past MadAs you know, I don’t do reviews, but I do occasionally feel compelled to highlight books that promote poignant subject matter, e.g., kindness, bullying, emotions, etc. It seems that “poignant” is author Hallee Adelman‘s calling card.

Anger is the kind of emotion that can be scary, especially for children, and sometimes leads to regretful behavior. Learning how to manage it at a young age is critical. In fact, in 1969 Fred Rogers recited before the U. S. Senate a song he wrote, “What Do You Do?” (…with the mad that you feel?) which literally saved PBS.

Here we are, in 2020, and that’s what Hallee‘s newest picture book is about: what you do—and don’t do—when you get angry. In Way Past Mad, main character, Keya’s little brother, Nate (who doesn’t know any better), wreaks havoc when he does things like mess her room, ruin her breakfast and destroy her favorite hat. She gets way past mad…

“The kind of mad

that starts

and swells

and spreads like a rash.”


The problem grows bigger when that nasty demon “Displaced Anger” shows up, and Keya takes out her “mad” on her friend, Hooper 😮😥. Yep, that’s what not to do.


Through Hallee’s words and Sandra de la Prada‘s expressive illustrations, the reader witnesses how to handle a situation in which displaced anger hurts a friend, how to go about rectifying it, and the kind of forgiveness and understanding that should be the dynamic between good friends.



Mister Rogers always knew that helping children learn how to manage their emotions was an invaluable service. His words of wisdom are needed now more than ever, and so are children’s books that help with such an essential effort.



With that in mind, my wanting to get Way Past Mad into more hands, I learned that Hallee is generously giving away goodies including a signed copy and some VERY cool swag: a medal, stickers, emotions card games, a librarian’s stamp to use in any book (reads: I Way Past Loved this book!), a pencil, and a “feelings” magnet. Don’t you just LOVE the clever word play? 🥰 Yes, Keya’s brother got her “way past mad,” but she was able to find her “way past mad” (click to enlarge) …

There can only be one winner in this giveaway, but we ALL win considering this terrific book is available everywhere on March 1st, AND I’m thrilled to report — it’s going to be a series!!!



Respond to all 4 options for 4 chances to win. Increase your chances by returning here to the Rafflecopter form to tweet about the giveaway each day through Feb. 29, 2020.


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25 thoughts on “UP!–When You’re WAY PAST MAD + A Book GIVEAWAY!

  1. I am so excited to read this book and share it with my students! Thank you for the opportunity to to win it, along with this cool swag! My fingers are crossed!!

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  2. Per the book journey description, it’s so helpful to remember that reviewers can have completely different ways of looking at things, and to not give up on pursuing your passion. Plus, as someone who often writes about mindfulness in my projects, I can’t wait to read it!

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