UP!–Wow! It’s Int’l #DotDay 2019! :D

Every year there’s a touch of “creative magic” in the air 🦄✨ as International Dot Day approaches, this year on Sunday, September 15th. Since my first dot 🟠 to celebrate the day back in 2014, when I had the pleasure of interviewing Terry Shay, the co-founder of Dot Day, I’ve gotten excited anticipating all the amazing, shared creativity worldwide and getting to see SO many DOTS! I’m also, as you would expect, a HUGE fan of Celebri-dots, a site where published authors, illustrators and celebrities post their dots 🥰 😎.

In 2015 I created a paint-happy Dot character 🎨 who was then found reaching for the stars ⭐in 2016. When 2017 rolled around, I didn’t have time to take Dot on any new adventures, so modified a piece of artwork I had because I couldn’t bear not participating 😮. Then, for Dot Day 2018, I had the GREAT honor of hosting THE creator of The Dot, Peter H. Reynolds, and his brother, Paul A. Reynolds, partners in creative “crime” at Fablevision 🤩👍🥰

Though life has been a whirlwind for quite a while, I didn’t want 2019 to go by without participating in this glorious day. Soooo…again, in lieu of something new, I recycled a little doodle of artwork and added a “Dot Day” twist (this may become a habit!):

I hope you celebrate, too!

Here are MANY WAYS FOR YOU TO CELEBRATE as an individual or group:

  • Listen to the Dot Song!
  • Celebrate Dot Day on Facebook
  • Celebrate Dot Day on Twitter
  • Celebrate Int’l Dot Day 2014 as suggested by Fablevision
  • Listen to this new, short AUDIO interview with Peter at TeachingBooks.net (3 min.)
  • Watch this fantastic VIDEO of Peter and Paul Reynolds celebrating Dot Day 2012! A MUST-SEE! (35 min.)

There are MANY others, but here are a couple of inspiring ways people have celebrated this magical day:

HAPPY DOT DAY, everyone!



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