UP!–Poll RESULTS & Giveaway WINNERS!

GiveawaysI have to say I’m PRETTY EXCITED about the fact that you all pulled through for me in a BIG way with this little poll I did! 😀 😀 😀 I needed your help with my research—and you didn’t hesitate ❤ I got the 100+ participants I was hoping for, so I consider this a success  😎

Before I get into the results of the poll, I’m itching to announce the three winners of my “thank you” giveaway, and here they are!… Continue reading

UP!–ARTISTS & COLORERS! A Giveaway for You :D


Hello, everyone 😀 I’m glad you stopped by! Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m doing research on the preferences of artists and coloring enthusiasts with certain tools and could really use your help by answering a few simple multiple-choice questions. For your generosity, I’m offering prizes for three lucky winners! Pictured below, you’ll see I’m giving away two copies of Zentagle for Kids (just as useful for adults, if you ask me!), and a “Writer Side Up!” notebook  😎 Continue reading