UP!–I’m “Over the Moon” About My PRIZE!

Well, gang, you may remember that a few months ago I posted my entry for the Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy! contest. I’m happy to report I did win one of the many prizes 🏆😁: a SHUTTERFLY Gift Certificate! It was the prize I most wanted from the moment I first saw it, knowing my granddaughter would love and cherish it, and so would I 🥰 Continue reading


I’m not typically one for online challenges. I mean, who needs one more “thing to do,” right? Especially with a deadline! BUT…when the challenge has been both exceptional and irresistible, I’ve succumbed 🤭. In 2014 I couldn’t hold back any longer from joining in on the always-popular, ever-growing “baby” birthed by super-talented author, Tara Lazar.

Having wanted to create a space for picture book writers that mirrored the November NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) annual “movement,” waaaay back in 2009 Tara initiated PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month): 30 picture book ideas 💡 in 30 days. This challenge Continue reading