First, let me preface this by saying the only pieces of my writing I am willing to share online are the ones that have already been published elsewhere and am free to use here, or works I’m not trying to get published traditionally—things like picture books and novels. I’ll post a few poems, maybe an essay or two. I’ll post my articles under their proper page headings. Perhaps I’ll even post a short story at some point, but that’s about it. Of course, if I get a book contract, news and shareable details about that would be here, too 🙂

It’s also important to mention that I do not consider myself a true poet. My poems do not measure up to the refined standards of poetry. They’d be considered song lyrics before they’d be classified as serious poetry and that’s fine by me 🙂 I write about the subjects I’m inspired to, and mold the words into what “sounds” good to me, and you may find it appealing. For now, seeing as this blog is about literature, the first poem I’ll post is about writing, having been published in the first online issue of “Sprouts,” the NJ SCBWI online magazine in Fall 2004:

 The Written Word

Bugs Bug Me

Sunshine Through the Rain

The Crime of Cruelty

A Lesson Learned

Slam-I-Am (the proverbial door to publication)

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