UP!–PODCAST Paradise 2! :)


OK, so…the bulk of this post was published WAY back in 2016. I revisited it for my own sake, wanting to listen to a podcast. It having been so long, I figured to check all the links. I’m VERY happy I did because a few were defunct and a couple weren’t correct! That aggravates me, considering how careful I try to be. BUT, since podcasts are wonderful, I thought it worth re-posting this updated version. There are plenty here, whether new or in archives to enjoy!…

The first time I became aware of the term “podcast” was over 10 years ago. When I was immersed in the online “Harry Potter” fandom, I heard of the “Mugglecast” podcast. At that time, for whatever reason, I couldn’t or simply didn’t know how to access it. It was launched through Mugglenet, whose team was attending and hosting all kinds of events pre-Deathly Hallows, and broadcasting Live. I didn’t get to hear any of it, and not until JUST NOW, when I googled it for this post, did I know they’re still doing it! 😎

Anyway, it was not until I became active on Twitter a few years ago, and wove my way into its wonderful online community of KidLit, did “podcast” come up again. That’s when “Let’s Get Busy” with host Matthew Winner became one of my favorite pastimes. It was the first one I began listening to regularly, “falling in love” with the experience. Some time after that, I discovered Nick Patton and his “Picturebooking” podcasts. Since then I’ve come across others, most of them KidLit-related, but the truth is—podcasts abound! Just do a search for “podcasts + any subject” and chances are, you’ll find something 🙂

Most often Matthew, Nick. other hosts and their guests keep me company while I do artwork. And if I can ever figure how to do it, I would download them onto the old ipod my boyfriend gave me and listen while I clean house—or take a drive—or whatever! They’re quite versatile 😀

Some of you may already know of these podcasts, but maybe not. In wanting to share the joy, I’ve compiled this limited list. As I said, there are many more. Just ask Google! But I think this is a good place to start 😀 You’ll see I’ve categorized them for you, and please excuse the formatting glitches. They won! There are many links and ALL the images link to the sites 🙂

PODCASTS for EVERYONE who enjoys KidLit and everything related:

Since Matthew Winner began his “Let’s Get Busy” podcast, on which he interviews KidLit “Who’s Who,” its popularity has grown tremendously, not that I’m surprised! Along came author Blake Hamilton and their brainstorming gave birth to an amazing site—All the Wonders. It focuses on sharing children’s literature in a variety of forms, whether through podcasts, videos, book-related crafts and more. They brought Nick Patton on board, along with an amazing team of KidLit talent. You’ll find links to all their “wonders” below.

All the Wonders: The Children’s Book Podcast

(previously the “Let’s Get Busy” podcast):

All the Wonders Podcast

Let’s Get Busy” past episodes:



Picturebooking - original

Picturebooking at “All the Wonders” (past episodes):


The Best Book Ever (This Week):

The Best Book Ever -this week

We then have another “everything KidLit” site that’s more than outstanding: KidLit TV. I’ve mentioned it many times on this blog and can’t say enough about it. Along with an enormous selection of videos, articles, crafts and more, they put out a podcast, KidLit TV Radio :

KidLit TV-radio

Two other KidLit “superstars,” Colby Sharp and Travis Jonkers joined forces to form what they call “The Yarn” podcast where you’ll find some great interviews:

The Yarn now at School Library Journal:

The Yarn at SLJ

Scholastic (Interviews with authors, the original podcasts at The Yarn, and much more):

Scholastic Reads

Reading Rockets is a resource for parents, teachers, kids, you name it. It’s a site worth checking out, for sure. Not only do they have PBS shows, on the site you can access Videos of interviews with children’s authors and illustrators:

Reading Rockets video interviews

You’ll also find Podcasts, Meet the Author, Dad Cast:

Reading Rockets podcast

Publisher’s Weekly

One of THE best sources for Book Reviews, Bestselling Books & Publishing Business News | Publishers Weekly

Interviews with KidLit authors and illustrators such as Brian Selznick, Kwame Alexander, Rick Riordan, R. L. Stine, Marc Brown, Linda Urban, Meg Cabot and so many more:

PW Kids Cast

Bookspot There’s such a diverse, full list on this site with interviews and more, it’s silly for me to post it here. It’s best you look yourself:

Book Spot

The Guardian

the Guardian

Has great podcasts and info on children’s books. Due to the site having a wide variety of content, I can’t be certain it is all appropriate in respect to access by children so I will not directly link to it. You must copy and paste the urls (minus the spaces):


http ://www. theguardian.com/childrens-books-site

PODCASTS (Interviews):

http ://www. theguardian.com/childrens-books-site/series/childrens-books-podcast


As a successful KidLit author and illustrator, Katie Davis knows a LOT about the craft and how to promote your book. You’ll find great podcasts with interviews, writing resources and a lot more. For years she’s given us “Brain Burps About Books“:

Brain Burps-Katie Davis

Complementary to “Brain Burps,” Katie now has a new show with different focus. It’s at The Institute for Children’s Literature: “Writing for Children.” These podcasts are 15-20 minutes each with resources provided in downloadable, clickable transcripts. The episodes are unique in that they are all about the craft of writing for children’s books, and stories and articles for children’s magazines:

Katie Davis image

Helping Writers Become Authors Podcast hosted by writing guru K. M. Weiland is a happy addition to this list. There are some powerhouse sites for writers out there, and hers is certainly one of them. One of the tools she offers is this podcast. They average anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Your bound to find useful information on K. M.’s most recent ones and in the extensive archives. And be sure to check out the rest of her site while you’re there!


SCBWI Podcasts which SCBWI Members have access to, where you’ll find interviews with Arthur A. Levine, Laurie Halse Anderson, Kwame Alexander, Matt de la Pena and more:

SCBWI conversations

This one’s not just for KidLit writers, but all writers, about craft and the life of a writer.

The Write Now Podcasts with Sarah Werner:

sarah werner

The Telling Lies to Children with Paul Durham (author)

Children’s author interviewing “all people” in KidLit from authors through editors and more. This is a recently launched podcast, my having already enjoyed the first episode 🙂

Telling Lies to Children - Paul Durham


Again, at Reading Rockets podcasts: Dad Cast, Meet the Experts, Watch & Learn, and Professional Development Webcasts:

Reading Rockets podcast

Scholastic is packed with all the goings-on in and about the KidLit world and literature. You get everything you would expect from a powerhouse like Scholastic:

Scholastic Reads

Most of you are probably familiar with the famous PBS show “Reading Rainbow.”Reading Rainbow is all about reading and literacy. You’ll find a plethora of information and activities on their site, along with videos (not podcasts):

Reading Rainbow app

I am SO grateful to Josh Funk! After his reading of this post, in a tweet he made me aware of the podcast “Rachel & Sam Read a Story.” It is FANTASTIC! There was no way I’d keep it off this list. I am listening to Sam Gasch and Rachel Bieber reading and discussing Josh’s Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast and am so completely entertained, I can’t stop smiling 😀 😀 😀 Though the “Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast” episode is G-rated, others aren’t necessarily so I can’t directly link here. Do the “copy and paste minus the spaces” thing:

http :// rachelandsamreadastory.libsyn.com/

Rachel & Sam Read a Story

Again, thanks to Josh Funk, he reminded me about The Horn Book Podcast. What I realized is I hadn’t included it with the original post because I felt I couldn’t guarantee the 100% G-rating of the content. Seeing as it’s a great podcast with a wide variety of discussions about KidLit for all ages, I’m adding it here, only the link has to be copied and pasted (minus the spaces) rather me linking you to it directly. It’s definitely worth checking out!

http ://www .hbook.com/category/opinion/horn-book-podcast/

Horn Book Podcast

STORIES for CHILDREN read aloud:

At podboy.fm you’ll find a wide variety of podcasts (not just KidLit). Here are just a few:

The Story Home:

The Story Home

Children’s Fun Storytime:

Children's Fun StoryTime

Barefoot Books:

Barefoot Books podcast




Since having done this post, Reading Rainbow discontinued an app that featured Levar Burton reading children’s books. That saddens me, BUT…this amazing book lover is reading for adults! You can check out these amazing podcasts at Levar Burton Reads.

And I’ll close it out with a link to site I came across that has podcasts focusing on Adult Literature. Through the BBC World Service, they have the World Book Club. You’ll find episodes with things like authors talking about their novels like “Elizabeth Gilbert: Eat, Pray, Love,” and discussions of classics like this one about “Charlotte Bronte – Jane Eyre.” The selection is quite varied:

World Book Club

So there you have it. If you’re not familiar with podcasts or haven’t yet made listening to them a part of your life, these are some of the best, in my opinion. You can listen during all those times you don’t want to be watching something and music just won’t do—you want something. This is good company 😀 . So many times I feel like I’m listening to friends (well, some of them actually are 😉 ) and I think you will too. I sincerely hope you find time to check them out.

Tell me, do you listen to podcasts? I’d love to hear if you do or if, perhaps, this will spark you to 🙂

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    • Hi, Norah! Same here! I’m hoping that with upcoming “house cleaning”-type projects, which doesn’t require concentration, will enable me to enjoy some since they only require listening 🙂 I hope you’re well, my friend! Thanks for commenting oxox


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