UP! — It’s all about FOCUS! Plus a Giveaway :)


Recently, on Leslie Zampetti’s blog, Rear in Gear, she posed a question about how to get kids to talk about what they’re reading. As I began typing my comment in response, it got me thinking about what’s at the core of the issue. My thoughts came full circle, ultimately encompassing what’s at the core of many “road blocks,” even for we adults. Whether it’s to do with getting kids to talk, writing a novel, or just about any task or issue with a similar obstacle, it comes down to focus and how we go about achieving that. Continue reading

UP!–for You or Someone You Know–COLLEGE APPLICATIONS made EASIER!

GradCap-writersideupOK, so “College Applications” is not exactly a “writerly” subject unless, of course, you’re going to major in Journalism or English Literature 😉

As you may recall, my Writer Side UP! blog has a “sister.” I still have a lot of set-up to do on both blogs and am far from posting in any systematic fashion, that is, IF I am ever truly systematic about it. That work is going to take some time, BUT meanwhile—there are subjects that are coming up and things I want to offer that are somewhat timely, so I’m putting up actual posts before my pages are filled in!

It will be a very rare occurrence when I will “double blog” the same information. That will only happen if the subject matter truly belongs on both: here for lit-related and there for creativity-related. At Creativity Cookbook, I’ve set up a “HANDY MISC.” page for just that—the handy miscellany.

Creativity Cookbook-Avatar-300dpiFor anyone who is applying for college or knows anyone who intends to apply for college, I have put up some very useful charts that may help with the process. Continue reading