UP!–So…You Think MINECRAFT is for KIDS, Do You?


Have you ever been surprised by where you find inspiration? I can tell you, I wouldn’t have thought a video game (game?!) would be such a source for me, but Minecraft is most definitely NOT just a video game. It’s a world unto itself in which CREATIVITY is the main character! This program is so advanced and has such extensive capabilities that architects and engineers use it as a design tool! Nope—not kidding 😮

Minecraft is SO impressive, I was inspired to write a full-scale blog post about it on my Creativity Cookbook blog. If you’re not familiar with Minecraft and want to be (you’ve probably heard mention of this HUGELY popular game!), my post gives you the basics 🙂 If you’re already familiar with Minecraft, you know what I mean when I say it is much more than a game, though you may not know about the gaming “world” the game itself has “spawned.”

In fact it was only yesterday when Christine of 20 Seconds with MC, in a comment she left on my Minecraft post, made me aware that there is an actual INTERACTIVE Disney World in Minecraft called MCMagic! For anyone who knows me, anything “Disney” is a magnet anyway, but I’m telling you truly—I was so overwhelmed by the creativity and work behind it, I was nearly moved to tears! Again—not kidding! o_O ^^’ I actually felt like I paid a virtual visit to Disney World! It brought me back to what it was actually like being there 😀 . Seriously—we went on Spaceship Earth! Here is just a sampling of it:



Anyway, my “Minecraft” blog post is packed with beautiful images, several videos showing the extraordinary creations people have made (you will NOT believe your eyes!) and an overview of how the program/game works (I created a pdf). I thoroughly enjoyed working on the post (with Mark, my boyfriend) and in doing so found out about MCMagic. THRILLED! I hope you check it out, you creative people, you! 😀



32 thoughts on “UP!–So…You Think MINECRAFT is for KIDS, Do You?

  1. Thanks for adding to your previous post about Minecraft. My grandson is getting to the age at which his parents are showing interest in finding out more about it. The Disney video reminded me of Lego bricks.

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  2. As the mother of a Minecrack addict, I have issues with the game. I get the creativity etc., but with my kid, it’s very hard trying to get him interested in a book when Minecraft is a 1000 times more interesting. He could play and/or watch the YouTube videos on how to become a better player all day long. In fact, if you left him with food and water, he probably wouldn’t even notice that you’ve been gone for a week. And I know, he’s not alone.

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    • See, Robin, THAT is the aspect of video games I REALLY can’t stand—the addictiveness of them and the waste of time/life when it’s overdone :\ He is definitely not alone and that’s what’s so upsetting 😦

      What I love about Minecraft is the Creative mode. I simply canNOT get over what the program does and the things people (adults mostly) have created. Since you probably didn’t go over to my other blog post, you may not have seen the little videos showing what people have created. I think you’d be as fascinated as I am, so I hope you check it out. That’s why I couldn’t help but blog about it! And I figured, at the same time, I would help educate anyone as to what the game does and is about so they “get” it which is why I created a separate pdf for the “playing” aspect.

      I feel for you with your son, though :-\ 😦

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  3. While I’m not a big fan of video games, I do see their appeal. I now have a better understanding of Minecraft, thanks to you. I love anything that encourages creativity.

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    • I’m not a big fan of video games either, Cathy, believe me! Most of the time I see it as a waste of time/life and can be a bad influence on people susceptible to being influenced in those bad ways :\ It’s just as bad as reality TV! Or really most TV, in my opinion lol

      Did you actually look at the full post on the other blog? It’s amazing what the program can do and what people have created!

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  4. Hi Donna! I never played Minecraft, although I had heard it mentioned many times (probably on the internet) and my kids never introduced me to it, so I don’t know if any of them have played. So, you have now officially introduced this game to me! That’s me living out in the sticks in South Africa. 😉 P.S. I am a crazy Disney fan too. One of my daughters said the other day that when she’s earning a lot of money (imagines earning), she’ll take me to Disney World. 😀 We went as a family in 2013. We were visiting my mom, step-dad and grandma in Florida. Oh, and I’m glad I could introduce you to who/how Braille began! Take care!

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    • Christine, so glad you stopped by! I hope you had a chance to go to the other blog ’cause that’s where all the good stuff is on Minecraft. This was only to let people know it was there 🙂

      I’m glad you went to Disney World with your family 😀 😀 😀 There’s NOthing like it! And yes, I was happy to learn more about Braille on your site 🙂


  5. I like a bit of Minecraft, those sinister mines are really effective. On my first go I found a massive chasm that I nearly fell down and so that became the natural protection on one side of my castle, yes I think about these things too much. After a few hours it gives me a migraine though, although that makes me ration my times so that is a good thing.

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    • Ah, Ste J, you play! 🙂 Yes, it’s good that something sets limitations! I tend to get motion sick when I watch Mark moving about through the worlds especially since he likes to keep the “head bob” feature on. I like it OFF. Yesterday the timing was right so I got to see the fireworks at Cinderella Castle in MC Magic. It’s amazing in there!

      Did you actually build a castle?

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      • I didn’t know I could take it off, that may help somewhat! My castle was nowhere as complex as some but it had a few towers and a swimming pool up top and I was spending a lot of time hollowing out the rooms below, I want an underground forest with waterfalls. That game encourages ambition to the point where I don’t look for minerals just keep digging about and building. I have a house on a mountain with a tree on top of the roof.

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  6. I enjoyed your post and thought I’d share a post I write about having a go at Minecraft myself https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2013/02/24/anything-for-love-the-great-minecraft-challenge/
    I honestly couldn’t see the point and really saw the ridiculous side when my daughter was feeding her dog on Minecraft when she forgets to feed her real dog.
    Our son has serious addiction issues with Minecraft and this is a serious psychological issue. He and his friends and waking up in the middle of the night and playing. He took my mobile phone without permission and played. At the same time, I agree there are alot of good things about it and it can be quite social as he plays with friends or his sister and they’re talking while playing.
    It is also played so universally that kids who don’t play it could feel left out.
    Anyway, just a few thoughts xx Rowena

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    • Rowena, thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂 Just to be perfectly clear—I am NOT a fan of most video games, generally speaking, largely for content, but mostly for their addictive nature and being–for the most part–unproductive wastes of time. I’ve seen this addiction ruin lives that would otherwise be more productive (I’d like to think!). You are NOT alone in your feelings and concerns about its “addictiveness.”

      I don’t know if you actually went over to my other blog where the full post is. This is a post to alert my followers here to its existence on my other blog. It is about the creative aspect of the program which is what I celebrate. I took the time to explain the basics of the game playing aspects so that people who don’t know about Minecraft can at least have a basic understanding of it. What blows me away about it is when it’s used creatively and to celebrate what people have actually created. I hope you take a look 🙂

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