UP!–OK…Wow! Sorcerer’s Stone ILLUSTRATED!


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It just goes to show you how behind I am on news that, several years ago, I would’ve been aware of AGES before it happened. Today, on one of my Barnes & Noble visits, as I was making a bee-line for the Children’s Books section, I passed by a 4-step display and once THIS COVER registered in my mind ❗ , I doubled back to get a better look. As if put under the Imperius Curse 😕 , as I stepped forward my arms raised and I snatched a copy from its perch. I greedily put it in a basket to peruse along with the dozen other picture books I would gather. Of course, I saved looking at this for last 😎 .

As soon as I opened the book and saw the caliber of the illustrations, I was compelled to attempt capturing them to share with you. A few are blurry (I’m sorry; I’m photographically challenged :\ ), but these are only a handful of what fills this glorious book anyway. You simply MUST see this in person for yourself!

I just love how Jim Kay, the extraordinarily talented illustrator, captured the essence of the characters, creatures and settings according to J. K. Rowling’s descriptions. Remember you can click on each picture to get an enlarged view. Enjoy!

First we come upon the despicable Dursleys:



Hagrid arrives on Sirius’s motorcycle:


Harry in his cupboard under the stairs:


The grappling for Harry’s letter from Hogwarts:


Hagrid comes to rescue Harry from Vernon Dursley at the shack on the sea:


Harry’s letter:


The first leg of Harry’s journey into the wizarding world as he and Hagrid depart:


DIAGON ALLEY! I think this is just incredible 😀 :



The magnificent Hogwarts Express:


Beloved Dumbledore:


When Harry first meets his best bud, Ron Weasley:


I really think this Sorting Hat is amazing looking:




The Snitch!


Hermione working her magic:


Quidditch above Hogwarts!


As Professor Quirrel reveals none other than Voldemort!




A misty Hogwarts:


Are these illustrations stunning or what?!

What do you think? Have you gotten a chance to see this book yet? I want to know! I just LOVE it! 😀




13 thoughts on “UP!–OK…Wow! Sorcerer’s Stone ILLUSTRATED!

  1. I can just imagine your excitement. The illustrations are magnificent. I’m pleased you approve of them; and hopefully J.K. does too. Sometimes what we imagine is not quite matched by another’s impression. When they match, magic happens! 🙂

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    • You know, Norah, Jo Rowling seems very easy going about most of the stuff that’s related to her books. I think the only thing she was truly insistent with was that in the films all the actors had to be genuinely British. I’m thinking she’ll LOVE these illustrations 😀

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      • That would be my guess too. I think once you put your work out there you have to be prepared for how others interpret it and what they do with it. Sounds like Jo has a pretty good way of coping with that. Mind you, I don’t think the adulation would be a difficult thing to take! 🙂

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  2. It looks lavish, I don’t think this is for me, not least because the illustrations wouldn’t live up to what is in my head and for another reason, the books were enjoyable and I don’t want to over Potter myself.

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