UP!–Tracing Paper spells: RELIEF

ArtTools_WriterSideUp.com_byDonnaMarieWell, trusted followers, even if you don’t illustrate or do artwork, I hope you find this article interesting, it showing a small part of my illustration process. Several years ago this was published in our now out-of-print NJ SCBWI Magazine “Sprouts” (posted here in full and accurate). My receiving positive feedback, having been told how this was helpful, I’m hoping it will be so again here. It is important to note that since writing this article, though I still use tracing paper for nearly everything outlined here, I have recently begun using my scanner and Photoshop Elements (PSE) for more ease in composition, scale, and transferring line-drawings to paper to render finished artwork. Whether you do or don’t have access to a scanner or Photoshop, these tips are still very relevant. Also, though images of several of my original characters were used for the print magazine, I chose not to post them on the internet until they are contracted. Instead I created generic, quick sketches for the purpose of this article. With that said, here you go!… Continue reading