UP!–November 2015 Forecast? It’s Raining PICTURE BOOKS!

Picture Book Month-Celebration Logo


It’s no secret that I ADORE the printed Picture Book format! Thanks to Dianne de Las Casas, we set aside November to celebrate it 😀



As it will be from this year forward, I’m throwing up this timely reminder with up-to-date links for you other picture book lovers so you don’t miss out on all the GREAT stuff going on 😎 . First off, each day all month long at Picture Book Month, talented authors and illustrators share their thoughts about this irreplaceable format, and this year’s line up is as wonderful as last year’s! (To find more details about the whos, whats and wheres of this worthy celebration, check out my 2014 post.)

piboidmo2015participantAnd, of course, let’s not forget about Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month). It’s already begun with a week of Pre-PiBoIdMo posts, but lucky you—registration is open through Nov. 5th and it’s quite the hoopla over there! Not only are there daily, priceless gems on the craft of picture book creation by even more gifted authors and illustrators, but PRIZES, too! You don’t want to miss out 🙂

I hope you celebrate Picture Book Month by READING, READING, and READING some more, just like this eager little one! 😀

giphy-baby reading



8 thoughts on “UP!–November 2015 Forecast? It’s Raining PICTURE BOOKS!

    • You know, Christina, I wouldn’t be surprised if you put your teenagers’ favorite picture books in a place where they hang out, they may very well pick them up and read them again, too 🙂 Picture books are ageless! 😀


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