UP!–for You or Someone You Know–COLLEGE APPLICATIONS made EASIER!

GradCap-writersideupOK, so “College Applications” is not exactly a “writerly” subject unless, of course, you’re going to major in Journalism or English Literature 😉

As you may recall, my Writer Side UP! blog has a “sister.” I still have a lot of set-up to do on both blogs and am far from posting in any systematic fashion, that is, IF I am ever truly systematic about it. That work is going to take some time, BUT meanwhile—there are subjects that are coming up and things I want to offer that are somewhat timely, so I’m putting up actual posts before my pages are filled in!

It will be a very rare occurrence when I will “double blog” the same information. That will only happen if the subject matter truly belongs on both: here for lit-related and there for creativity-related. At Creativity Cookbook, I’ve set up a “HANDY MISC.” page for just that—the handy miscellany.

Creativity Cookbook-Avatar-300dpiFor anyone who is applying for college or knows anyone who intends to apply for college, I have put up some very useful charts that may help with the process. Continue reading