UP! — KIDLIT TV Turns 1!

KIDLIT TV logoEvery once in a great while, my timing is just right 😀 By an off chance, in the least expected way, I was fortunate to have met KidLit TV founder Julie Gribble (at first, thinking she worked for the Princeton Public Library). I liked her right off, one thing led to another and she was kind enough to extend to me an invitation to attend a very special event—the KidLit TV 1st Birthday party 😎

Was I excited to go? You betcha! Did I have a great time? YOU BETCHA! 😀 In fact, I was having SUCH a great time, I only took pictures in spurts and, as is usual for me, so many were blurry 🙄 . What can I say? I’m not good with photography and I don’t have a smart phone or an expensive camera so it’s often hit or miss, so I’ll share with you what I can. It was such an elation-filled evening, even with this limited selection (several not very clear, all with date stamps ugh), I’m sure you’ll get the gist. Besides, you can also see some great pics over at Robin Newman Books and even more on the KidLit TV site 😀

Upon arriving, it was the lovely Kassia who greeted me at the door, all smiley and welcoming 🙂 She is pictured here, attempting to finish a KidLit TV blog post, our conversation having interfered for a few minutes, so I let her be and moved on to get a better look at all the goodies she pointed out…IMG_0020

There was quite the spread of free-for-the-taking promo, of which I kept my hoard down to the three items I considered irresistible: a pencil, a magnet and a “Moose” hand fan SIGNED BY PAUL O’ZELINSKY! Seriously, could YOU resist that? 😉  …   IMG_0036

Book and goodie-filled baskets filled every table top in the space, all of which would be offered up as prizes to the guests. I’m sure you’ll recognize much of what you see here. I don’t know about you, but it all gives me butterflies 😆 …IMG_0038


IMG_0037  IMG_0033

A large, plush Rocket with a light-up bowtie was practically panting and wagging his tail with excitement as the guests arrived, wondering which lucky child would soon have him as a pet 😛 …IMG_0034

A familiar prop at New York Media Works is this nostalgic bicycle, furnished with happy KidLit paraphernalia…IMG_0039



A “favor” basket for the kiddies…IMG_0042

The decorative “KidLit Inspired” masks hanging on the wall were created by Kassia. Along with KidLit Radio (podcasts), Book Trailers, Exclusive Interviews and Scoops, Articles by KidLit Experts, Read Out Louds by favorite authors and illustrators, KidLit Kibbles and more, you can even find Arts & Crafts on the KidLit TV site, too!IMG_0045



This stunning painting which hangs above the reception area was unveiled at the party. It was rendered by Roxie Munro, having been commissioned by the Gribbles in commemoration of the KidLit TV headquarters and in memory of their fathers… IMG_0049

The meet-and-greet ensemble, wait staff and talented cooks, headed by Marja Samson, created elements to add even more warmth to the atmosphere and to delight the palate…IMG_0031

I see this logo and I smile 😀 There were chocolate layers under that icing and it looked DELICIOUS, but—I couldn’t have a taste! Gluten-free here sigh. And see that beautiful flower arrangement? By Allyson 🙂 …IMG_0018

Bubbly, spunky Katya Szewczuk the Kat’s Meow of KidLitKat was totally ramped up for the festivities 😀 Psst…she also turned me onto “Go Go Squeeze,” one of the sponsors of the event. SO tasty!…IMG_0021

I felt like the celebration was truly beginning when Julie joined us. These two are precious 😀 …IMG_0025a

Anyone who follows this blog KNOWS how much I love All Things Harry Potter, so you can imagine my reaction when I saw THIS! Julie added all the wonderful embellishments to the “Whomping Willow,” and of course—the flying Ford Anglia! 😎IMG_0027

And here you get a better look at the Marauder’s Map, the Elder Wand Spoiler Alert! (the knobby one) and Professor McGonagall‘s wand sigh Be still my HP heart 😀 ❤IMG_0028

And on to some of the guests, quite a few who’ve appeared on KidLit TV’s STORYMAKERS and READ OUT LOUD! (I wish I had more pics, but so many were blurry or just not worth sharing.)…

Here we have Robin Newman (Hildie Bitterpickles Needs Her Sleep) and Dan Yaccarino (Boy & Bot, on STORYMAKERS):IMG_0054

Both Featured Experts on KidLit TV, Katie Davis (Who Hops?, as FEATURED EXPERT) and Emma Walton Hamilton (The Very Fairy Princess, as FEATURED EXPERT), join Julie Gribble (Bubblegum Princess) (sorry it’s blurry, but it was the best one I had!). Would you check out those VERY cool “classics” t-shirts? 😀 …IMG_0055

Kat Yeh (The Truth About Twinkie Pie, on STORYMAKERS), Kelly Light (Louise Loves Art, on STORYMAKERS), Mike Curato (Little Elliot, Big City, on READ OUT LOUD), and Nick Bruel (Bad Kitty):IMG_0056

Melissa Iwai (Goodnight Engines), Mike Curato, Steve Light (Have You Seen My Dragon?, on STORYMAKERS), Kat Yeh and Kelly Light:IMG_0057

Dan Yaccarino and Kelly Light:  IMG_0089

Katya Szewczuk, Annie Silvestro (Bunny’s Book Club-coming Spring 2017), and Ame Dyckman (Wolfie the Bunny, on READ OUT LOUD):IMG_0090a

To bartend for the evening, Julie asked Cody Goldstein, the mixologist, who worked with Tim Federle (Better Nate than Ever, on STORYMAKERS) in creating literature-based cocktails for Tim’s clever books. The guests were treated to recipes from all three: Hickory Daiquiri Dock, Gone with the Gin, and Tequila Mockingbird (on STORYMAKERS):IMG_0091

Lots of “best sellers” here, folks! Adam Lehrhaupt (Please, Open This Book!), Robin Newman, Beth Ferry (Stick and Stone), and Nick Bruel (Bad Kitty):IMG_0093

Roxie Munro (Market Maze, and more, on STORYMAKERS, plus EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW), and Melissa Iwai (Hush Little Monster):IMG_0094

Best Writing Buds, Ame Dyckman and Adam Lehrhaupt:  IMG_0099

This little guy, Dylan, was looking to take a picture with Katie Davis all night—and he did! They both have EXcellent taste in fashion—and BOOKS! Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel is one of my all-time favorites 😎IMG_0103a

Then it was time forJulie and Rocco Staino, KidLit TV host/Librarian Extraordinaire, to blow out the big # 1 😀 …IMG_0096a

A heartwarming highlight of the evening was the inclusion of a fundraiser for the charity ArtWorks for Youth which Tad Hills (Rocket and Duck and Goose books, on STORYMAKERS and READ OUT LOUD) has come to champion:IMG_0050


Many talented illustrators donated signed items and original pieces of artwork for silent auction. I was able to capture a number of pieces (sorry, not all), this first one by Tony DiTerlizzi (The Spiderwick Chronicles):IMG_0105

Paul O’Zelinsky (on STORYMAKERS) donated this masterpiece from The Wheels on the Bus, celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary:IMG_0106

Laura Vaccaro Seeger (First the Egg):IMG_0107

Matthew Cordell (Wish):IMG_0108a

Daniel Kirk (Library Mouse):IMG_0110

Matt Phelan (Bluffton):IMG_0111

Bob Shea (Ballet Cat: The Totally Secret Secret):IMG_0112

Steve Light (Swap!) :IMG_0118

Bob Staake (Look! A Book!):IMG_0119

Giselle Potter (Mr. Semolina-Semolinus):IMG_0120

Aaron Meshon (Tools Rule!):IMG_0121

Rosemary Wells (Max & Ruby):IMG_0122

Mike Curato (Little Elliot, Big Family): IMG_0123

Jon Agee (Terrific):IMG_0124

Tad Hills (Rocket on READ OUT LOUD):IMG_0125

Oliver Jeffers (The Day the Crayons Quit): IMG_0127

Naoko Stoop (Red Knit Cap Girl):IMG_0135

Nick Bruel (Bad Kitty):IMG_0136

Bob Staake (IFAW):IMG_0137

Jon Agee (It’s Only Stanley):IMG_0138

Bob Staake (My Pet Book):IMG_0139

Bob Staake (Bluebird):IMG_0140

To wrap up the celebration, Rocco announced the many lucky winners :D…IMG_0116

One such lucky fella was Dylan. Yep, the same “Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel” Dylan. He became the proud new owner of Rocket!!!…IMG_0097

And Kelly Light was pretty dang happy about winning Where’s Walrus? And Penguin? and that VERY cool Viking helmet 😎 …IMG_0142

So, I think it’s pretty obvious this was quite the shindig 😀 I couldn’t have been happier to be there enjoying everything about it. I’ll never tire saying how being a part of the KidLit community has been one of the greatest joys in my life. Everything about it is wonderful and Julie Gribble having founded KidLit TV just a year ago has been such a gift to all of us. At KidLit TV they are “…a diverse group of parents, educators, librarians, kid lit creators, and award winning filmmakers all working together to bring great books to kids!” with their mission being “…to create fun new ways to reinforce an appreciation of reading that children will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

When Alice fell down that rabbit hole she found a Wonderland, then found more adventure when she stepped through the Looking Glass, but she “ain’t seen nothin’ yet” ’til she’s visited KidLit TV 😀 . It’s amazing how quickly and exquisitely the team has taken the KidLit world by storm, bringing the “Wonderland” of KidLit to the masses in ways not done before, adding more and more astounding features to their site and all things related. I can’t wait to see what’s still to come ’cause you can bet it’s going to be GREEEEEAT!

THANK you, and Congratulations, KidLit TV! Happy 1st Birthday! ❤ ❤ ❤





26 thoughts on “UP! — KIDLIT TV Turns 1!

  1. Donna, What a great post and what an AWESOME celebration! Three cheers for KidLit TV. As always, it was wonderful catching up with you. I’m also happy to say that I won Matthew Cordell’s print. It was a very nice surprise!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What an awesome event and great photos as well. It’s wonderful that you managed to capture the authors and the great art works and surroundings. I would love to go to something like this and get involved with like minded people.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That seemed like a really nice event! I can tell you LOVED being there 🙂
    The pictures looked really good. I love the illustrations and the names of the books. The covers are very important but a good name is essential! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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