UP!–Problems Only BOOK LOVERS Understand :D

I just came across this video posted on KidLit TV’s Facebook page. I HAD to share it! I hope this makes you smile and warm up your bibliovore innards like it did mine 😀



See? Hehehe 😀 😎

22 thoughts on “UP!–Problems Only BOOK LOVERS Understand :D

  1. That video is so me. 😉 The sad thing is, I’m not exaggerating (except for the walking-into-a-pillar thing. That only happened once, and I’ve learned my lesson – you always look just over the top of the book cover with your peripheral vision. 🙂 ).

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    • OK, Erik, now I’m going to think of you every time I see that scene (and I’ve watched this quite a few times ’cause I love it so much 😉 ). What’s even sadder is that I’ve walked into walls, pillars and a few other things, only I wish I had the excuse that it was due to reading! For me it’s just being, well–ME! lol

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  2. LeVar Burton, what a guy…he was great in Community as well. I feel his pain with all of those lol, the only one he missed out was people wanting to talk to you in the pub…I hate that the most, although food on the pages comes pretty close.

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