UP!–IMAGINATION is Powering a BIG “Quiet Ship” Book/Prize GIVEAWAY! :D

I’m going to make an assumption here and figure it’s not a stretch that most of you “Writer Side UP!” blog readers know I’m quite a fan of books. You know, those printed gateways to countless worlds, imaginary and otherwise? And while we’re at it — I’m a not-so-little fan of imagination, for that matter. Seriously, one should never underestimate the power of imagination. After all — it is a limitless entity 😎 And one of its best features is it’s always handy, on call 24/7, there whenever you need it.

Yep, it’s no secret I LOOOOVE books and imagination 😀 SO much so that when I recently read a picture book that told a story in which Imagination plays a critical part, I really wanted to share it with you. It made me want to celebrate both. (And, no, this is not a review. You know I don’t do those. But there is an amazing giveaway package for those in the Continental U.S.—entry link below 🙂 )

There are a good number of books which tout imagination and creativity, but Hallee Adelman’s debut picture book My Quiet Ship is different. It is not so much about the encouragement of using imagination, but the value and power of using it, and in this story’s case, for a reason—to escape noise! Though the book and its premise is suitable for escaping any type of noise (e.g., baby crying, car alarm, thunderstorm), the subject matter Hallee focuses on to tell the story is poignant in a way I’ve not yet seen, and I can tell you—I choked up while reading and rereading it. No question—this book’s a keeper. I’ll tell you a bit about it…

Within families, when it comes to discussions about touchy or contentious subjects, each family’s dynamic dictates how those discussions are handled. Some families have an easier time listening to each other and communicating successfully. Others don’t and are more apt to argue, often times loudly. In My Quiet Ship young Quinn again hears his parents arguing — yelling. The more it happens the more Quinn wants to tell his parents how he feels, but he doesn’t know how — he’s afraid. To handle the noise and the scary, sad, uncomfortable feelings he experiences each time, he climbs into his Quiet Ship. Through his imagination, with the help of books and drawing, he escapes. This is enough until the yelling becomes so loud the ship breaks…

That’s where I’ll stop because I really don’t want to spoil your first-time read. I’m hoping you will experience what I did the first (and second) time I read it. It’s moving. It’s special. And I don’t think I’m partial to it because I grew up in a sometimes “loud” household; I was never afraid or saddened by it, but perhaps it’s the content of the arguing that determines how children are affected.

After reading the book, I was delighted to discover it has its own website. It is presently in beta, but already very operational and fun; more is being added every day! One delightful feature is being able to design and crew your own online Quiet Ship, then watch it blast off and see it soar across the home page 😎 (I named mine “Hush Bucket” 😉 ) And if your timing’s right (by midnight 10/31/18), you can enter The Quiet Ship Halloween Costume Contest!

It just so happens the author of this book is also a friend. No, that isn’t making me biased about how wonderful I think it is—just happy and proud 😀 When I told her I was featuring My Quiet Ship in a post about the power of imagination, I asked her a couple questions related to the book:

What were some of your favorite books as a child? 

Hallee: My favorite books as a child were short ones. I hated to slow down and read when I could be climbing trees, playing wire ball, and building snow forts with my friends. I did, however, like books that either:

  1. had to do with eating candy (Sticky Stanley),
  2. encouraged me to be uncharacteristically and laughably defiant (There’s a Monster at the End of This Book), or
  3. made me sing, think, or learn about life (the Free to Be You and Me Songbook, Caps for Sale, Amelia Bedelia).  

Do you have an adult ‘Quiet Ship” for when you need “alone, quiet” time?

Hallee:   No, I don’t build Quiet Ships as an adult, unless of course I’m sharing the idea with kids I care about. However, I do appreciate time for quiet thinking when driving or in the shower. As far as using my imagination, you can sure bet I’m picturing myself in Willy Wonka‘s chocolate factory when I have to eat asparagus, or I’m thinking about a beach in Florida when it is below zero at home. 

What’s REALLY exciting is that Hallee generously offered to do a Giveaway for one lucky person to have a chance to win a “Quiet Ship” Care Package! (Entry link below!) I kid you not, and I’m telling you this is one “out of this world” prize! Just look at what you could win!…

This adorable “Quiet Ship” rocket tent (seat cushion not included)…

…which has a roll-up window on each side…


…and battery-run lights for a mesmerizing starry sky…


It’s such a cozy space, not just for quiet time, but any time and many purposes from playing (big enough for more than one child and toys) to napping with pillows and blankets to doing nothing at all…

…or reading books including a signed copy of My Quiet Ship

…and some very cool S.W.A.G. (foam rocket, badges and stickers)…

Regardless of whether you win Hallee‘s extraordinary giveaway or the Costume contest, I say we’re ALL winners because the best prize of all is the book itself — which is available to everyone 😀


Respond to all 4 options for 4 chances to win. Increase your chances by returning here to the Rafflecopter form to tweet about the giveaway each day through Oct. 31st.


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