UP! — Nerdy Chicks DO Rule! :D

nerdy chicks rule logoSeriously—when you visit Disney World, is a 1-week vacation enough to fit in all the amazing attractions? No way! When your time is limited you need to plan—picking and choosing what to see, when and how often (yes, I have a few for which, like Lays Potato Chips–once is not enough). It’s very much the same in the expansive online “Disney” World of Kidlit. There are SO many “rides and attractions,” we must decide which to visit, when and how often. It can be quite the struggle, but some “rides” are no-brainers and deserve repeating, again and again, such as the amazing sites “Nerdy Chicks Rule” and its sister blog “Kidlit Summer School.”

Talented authors and close friends with much in common, Kami Kinard and Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen founded Nerdy Chicks Rule with the vision of celebrating “nerdy” chicks 🙂 Since its launch they, along with guest authors such as Mary Zisk, have imparted post after post of invaluable information. Knowing them personally I can attest, first hand, to their brilliance. I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to have attended workshops Sudipta and Kami have each presented (through the NJ SCBWI). They are not only gifted writers, but teachers as well! That’s why last year when they gave birth to yet another “brain child”—Kidlit Summer School—I was THRILLED! It was a huge success and now in its second year registration more than doubled, boasting 700+ very happy participants!

This year the sessions run for a 3 1/2-week period, from July 20th through August 14th. Though formal registration is now closed (which includes eligibility for prizes, access to webinars, the Exercise Book and the Facebook group), anyone can review—YEAR ROUND—the many stellar lessons (on plotting) not only given by the esteemed 2015 Faculty, but those from last year, too (on character building)! Just scroll and you’ll find them all 🙂 Trust me, if you are an aspiring (or even published) author or illustrator, these are lessons you want to check out—and they’re FREE! You’ll also want to mark your calendars for June each year, reminding you to check the Kidlit Summer School site, the #KidLitSummerSchool page on Twitter, and follow Kami and Sudipta on Twitter (Kami, Sudipta) and Facebook (Kami, Sudipta) so you’re updated in time to register for full participation!

Inspired by illustrator Mike Ciccotello (LOVE his work!), Kidlit Summer School is running a drawing contest. Registrants were invited to render our own versions of nerdy chicks 🙂 It’s not often I do artwork “just for fun,” but I really love Nerdy Chicks and this was far too tempting, so—I gave in. Yep, I took the time out and really got into it 😛 . Honestly, I’m not in it for the competition (not too fond of the beast, actually), but couldn’t resist wanting to participate.  There are a lot of very gifted illustrators who continue to post entries, all of which we’ve been thoroughly enjoying! Even lots of “non-artist” writers are joining in, and OH, how creative they can be 😀

Though non-registrants can’t access the Facebook page where most of the entries are posted, you can get in on the fun by viewing many of them on the #nerdychicksdraw Twitter page 🙂 I hope you enjoy them—and mine* ^^’

Nerdy Chicks Rule - final art for contest-Donna Marie at WriterSideUp.com


So, tell me, have you heard of Kidlit Summer School? Which KidLit-related sites and blogs do you frequent? I’d love to know! 😀

And remember…


*Should you desire to do so, please feel free to use this image on your desk top or print out for personal use only. If you share this online, please be sure to acknowledge its origin/artist and link to this post (Copyright Policy) 🙂 Thank you!




28 thoughts on “UP! — Nerdy Chicks DO Rule! :D

  1. Participation is great, I love forever learning and networking, although my drawing is something that causes hilarity! Love the drawing, coming here always makes me happy, keep up the awesome work!

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    • Thank you, Ste! I’m really missing visiting my blogger friends, but I’m getting there. Trying to stay focused on some important stuff (dietary changes, submissions, etc.) post-surgery so I’m doing my best to stay prioritized. If Kidlit Summer School wasn’t happening, this post wouldn’t have happened either! I’m hoping things will be in place soon. I miss you! 🙂


      • I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a while, I’ve been at a randomly low ebb but I’m back now and being awesome. I’m glad Summer School is around to have another post from you, you just keep on taking care of yourself, that’s the important thing my friend.

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        • Oh, Ste, no reason to apologize! Though I, too, feel apologetic due to my prolonged absence. Life off the computer just has to be lived 🙂 Since I haven’t had a chance to look, have you been doing any “non-book-review” posts? 😉 Love them, too, as you know!


          • You are in luck I have written a few recently, although I- haven’t been very prolific of late with anything much but blips make getting back to writing feel more exciting. I have noticed recently that a lot of bloggers are taking time out to live life offline so don’t feel too guilty…I only visited for the first time in about a week and a half yesterday, it took me hours to catch up on all the latest posts.

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                • Not kidding you, my friend, but just now, in looking back, I have 12 tabs open to posts on your blog lol ALL non-reviews, btw, and what it made even more evident, in a concrete way, is that I’ve been relatively inactive in following since about April or May! Egads! If I allow myself (and I really want to lol), I will be spending hours with you today! We’ll see…do I read for fun or do the organizing I intended! Hmmm…SUCH a dilemma! lol

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                  • Crikey has it really been that long?! Now that is a conundrum but I shall refrain from trying to sway you due to my blatant bias. I have plenty more non book posts coming up as well, ideas aren’t the problem, time as you well know is!

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  2. I LOVE YOUR NERDY CHICK, especially the little details like the tape on the glass’s nose bridge. I am just now getting back into visiting my favorite sites since all the medical mayhem and you are one of my first. i have missed so much. I love your posts before and still find them so interesting. I wish you would write a guest post on Kid Lit Reviews. You have great insight into kidlit–and Disney World!

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    • Thanks so much, Sue! 😀 It’s been the same here, actually, with lots of “life stuff” interfering with the blog following. I miss everyone and hope to be more frequent some time soon. We’ll see! And you’re so complimentary, wanting me to guest blog. Maybe, once I get things under control and have time to actually blog here regularly, I can consider it 🙂 I’m trying to be realistic with time, but you know how that can be! lol


      • “Once I get everything under control . . . ” Hate to be the one to break it to you, my dear friend, but it looks to me like you have everything under control (but you are a perfectionist, I know. Lighten up on yourself.) This site looks fantastic and as far as me not seeing you at mine . . . I have not even been reviewing like I used to due to time, and life. I understand — but would love to see you when you have time. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. If I had my druthers (loved that book), I would get my personal blog off the ground. So far two starts and two stops. OH, the bookmarks are doing a grand job and sure do hold up to the abuse I non-intentionally inflict upon them. Thanks again! Your Nerdy Chick should have won!

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  3. It’s been a long time! I’ve been meaning to pop over and see what you’re up to. I do get your notifications in my inbox, but I get overwhelmed with all the emails coming my way! I really enjoy your art. The link to Nerdy Chicks Rule looks like an interesting read. Wishing you all the best and future success!

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    • Hey, Christine! What a pleasant surprise to see you here today 😀 As you know, it’s been a while for me, too, at your blog. Life has been getting in the way, but that should change soon, I hope 🙂 Thanks so much!


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