Arts&Crafts_WriterSideUp.com_byDonnaMarieHey, everyone! I hope all is well with you 🙂 I wanted you to know that this week (month) there’s a lot going on over at my sister blog “Creativity Cookbook.” During a recent visit to Barnes & Noble, a table filled with books caught my eye. I was compelled to take photos and simply HAD to write a blog post about it. Of course, seeing as they’re books, my first thought was to post about it here, BUT it’s really more about creativity, so that’s where you’ll find “The Joy of COLORING:mrgreen:

BOP with specklesThe other stuff I’ve got going on has everything to do with my “Basement Bops.” Yep, that’s what they’re called :D. They have EVERYthing to do with music, and if you use them as I do—fitness! For nearly a year it’s been on my mind to get the playlists posted and it’s FINALLY HAPPENING!!! I’m SO excited about it, I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY to celebrate! 😎


CreativityCkbk-NotebookSo if you’re looking for a fun post on coloring, some great music to listen to and the chance to win a Creativity Cookbook notebook, BOP on over to my sister blog. And—if you know anyone who might be interested in the Bops, Giveaway or blog, please spread the word!

See you there! 😀

5 thoughts on “UP! –The Joy of COLORING! Plus a GIVEAWAY to CELEBRATE :D

    • Hi,, Ste! So happy to see you 🙂 I’m actually still in the hospital, but hope to be home soon. I hadn’t thought of it, but coloring probably would’ve been very therapeutic while here! I hope you’re well 🙂


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