UP!–NJSCBWI 2015 Conference Personal Schedule Template for Download!

SCBWI-GirlwithKiteIt’s quite a few years now that I’ve been fortunate enough to attend the June New Jersey SCBWI Conference. For those of you unfamiliar, the SCBWI is the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I was heavily involved with the organizational end of this spectacular event for several years, and in doing so I created countless charts for the many facets comprising it. At that time we provided each of nearly 300 attendees with a pre-filled Personal Schedule for which I designed a version in—of course—none other than chart form. As is the nature with the passing of the organizational “baton,” things change and with that, the method for providing the personal schedules to the attendees. For the past few years they have been generated by RegOnline, the excellent online registration venue our chapter has been using, and this method does the job accurately and swiftly.

Though I am no longer involved with the organizational end (I do still volunteer for tasks at the conference itself), as an attendee I still approach this in my super-organized/super-prepared fashion. Being an obsessively organized person, having developed methods to make things what I consider easy and clear for myself, I still prefer my 1-page, detailed chart version of the personal schedule. To each his own, for sure, and though the RegOnline-generated list may be more than satisfactory for many or most attendees, there may be some of you who are like me and would find it easier to follow a chart like mine.

This year it dawned on me that now that I have a blog, I have the means to easily share my templates with other attendees should any of you want to use them. I really love that my work may benefit more than just myself! So what I’ve done is made a variety of versions to suit whatever your preference and needs are. There is a Black/White/Gray version and a Color version. They are both available here as either a workable Word document or a pdf (links at end of post).

  • With the WORD docs, you can type and manipulate anything in it. Just click your cursor in any cell (box) you want to type in. If you are familiar with using tables in Microsoft Word, you can also change the colors, fonts and anything else you choose.
  • With the PDF you can’t manipulate the document, but there are wider lines for filling in by hand.
  • Your choice of B&W or COLOR is determined by whether or not you want to print in black ink only or full color. Either way, you can color code things to your liking using colored pens, markers and highlighters should you prefer.

To serve as reference on how to fill in your own personal information, below I show my personal schedule from last year*. I do all the work on the computer in the Word document., including color, but as I said, you can fill in the document by hand and use highlighters, etc. to color code. As shown here, I’ve designated meals in pink, workshops marked by blue and yellow indicates the workshops I facilitated. You’ll notice my PITCH is marked and highlighted. You can also do this for your 1-on-1 critiques and portfolio reviews (or really anything you want!). As you can see, I was unable to take advantage of these great opportunities, but if you can, you should!

2014 NJSCBWI Conf. Personal Schedule via WriterSideUp.com

So there you have it! I hope you find this useful. The two days fly by and are packed with activities so you want to get through them as smoothly as possible. Every year this is the tool I use to help me do just that. And PLEASE be sure to share this with anyone you know who’s attending and may be interested.

If time and logistics allow for it, I hope to see you there! Either way, I hope you have an enjoyable and successful conference experience 🙂



  B&W Word doc:       COLOR Word doc:          B&W pdf:               COLOR pdf: 

B&W Word doc.-2015 Personal Schedule  Color Word doc.-2015 Personal Schedule  B&W pdf-2015 Personal Schedule  Color pdf-2015 Personal Schedule

  • Seeing as it’s in the past, I felt more comfortable posting last year’s info rather than this year’s since it’s pre-event. Also, you may have noticed I chose to omit my last name on the document.





21 thoughts on “UP!–NJSCBWI 2015 Conference Personal Schedule Template for Download!

    • Hey, Robin 🙂 I hope you’re well. You may remember these from a few years ago. Perhaps you’ll find it helpful. Can’t believe it’s just around the corner and I have so much still to do! lol Aaaagghh!! 😉

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    • Thanks, Darlene 🙂 It’s the same as what they were when we were implementing this version, only updated with this year’s info. I hope it’s of use to you. The color pdf version would be the one for you, I think, so you can fill it out by hand, should you want to use it 🙂

      Can’t wait to see you and everyone in less than a week! 😀


  1. Blimey the event is sold out, I really need to go to an event such as this. it would require planning though and I am a bit rubbish as that being more of an impromptu mind mostly. it is strange how long it takes the blogger to realise that he or she can actually use it to show people stuff such as you have.

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    • Ste J, you’re so funny! You do realize the event is here in the U.S., right? lol And, yes, I always intended to share tools, etc. on my blogs, though I haven’t had time to post many of the things I plan to. It’ll happen eventually, though. So far I’ve only posted a few, like all the charts for college admissions and the thing on tracing paper. Can’t remember if there’s been anything else!

      Anyway, writing events are great, my dear, even if it’s only to hang out with kindred spirits 😀 Btw, I finished my dummy today! Yippee! 😀

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      • I am always telling myself I need a bit of a holiday and I have jumped on a plane to the US before so it wouldn’t be a big thing to me were I to plan ahead. I could get a bunch of blog posts out of it as well. Networking is great, I think I need to make lots of pictures of my face, sign them and hand them out if/when I go to an event.

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