UP!–Will You “Book” My Valentine?

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OK, so let’s pretend we’re in a parallel dimension in which I actually like Valentine’s Day.


(I heard some of you gasp. Don’t deny it!) Sorry, but I don’t particularly care for forced expressions of love, etc.; I’m simply not that kinda gal. Spontaneous and unexpected “just because” is what’s romantic in my book (pun totally intended), but I digress…

BookGiving - heart boxSo, here I am—liking Valentine’s Day and I expect the typical tokens. A heart-shaped box filled with chocolate delicacies? Divine. A dozen long-stem red velvet roses? Ravishing. But these are not gifts that “keep on giving”—well, unless, of BookGiving - rosescourse, you count the extra layer of fat the chocolate generously applies to your hips or, at quadruple the normal price, the debt increase incurred by said roses (and let’s not even talk about jewelry!). If Cupid’s aiming at this bibliophile, instead of some lame, love-potion-tipped arrow, he’d best be packing—you guessed it—BOOKS!

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Well, it just so happens, I’m not the only one who thinks this way, ‘cause it turns out February 14th is no longer exclusively an “I love you” kind of day. It’s also an “I love books” kind of day! In 2012, Amy Broadmoore and her son (Delightful Children’s Books blog) got the idea that Cupid needed to be a little more productive with his time, so set out to recruit him and his impeccably sharp-shooting skills. He now aims to get books into kids’ hands ALL over the world! So, move over, St. Valentine ‘cause it’s…

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This wonderful conception has grown exponentially in these few short years, last year being the first time I’d heard of it myself. To learn about the Day’s history, see which participants are involved and what they do to celebrate the day, you can visit their website. It’s filled with ideas about how you can participate, should you want to do so. You will also find beautifully designed bookmarks, book plates and posters for free download, including those from past years!

BookGiving - heart in pagesCelebrating couldn’t be easier—just find a kid and give him or her a book! Seriously, what better gift is there to show someone you care, right? And that goes for ANY time of year 😀 Still, don’t get me wrong—I wouldn’t exactly turn down a romantic, candle-lit dinner. I’ll opt for someone else cooking and cleaning up any day! 😉


So, tell me, were you aware of International Book Giving Day? Do you, or someone you know, participate?

38 thoughts on “UP!–Will You “Book” My Valentine?

      • I agree! A book is So much more of a gift than the commercialistic items that are thrust upon us. When my son was small, his school had a program that you could donate a book to the library on their birthday in their honor. Their name would be put in the book so that kids for generations to come, kids that they might know, perhaps even their own kids, would see. The birthday child would get his/her picture taken holding the book they donated. It was a multifaceted win/win. It encouraged the child to pick out a book they would like to share, taught them about the joy of giving on their birthday when they generally get so much, and added to the library. One year I took it one step further and had my little guy donate “Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch” on Valentines as well. Great book! Gives me chills just thinking about it 🙂 ❤ Happy reading and thanks for letting me know about this great idea – I had NO clue.

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  1. A wonderful day all around. Happy Valentine’s Day, friend! I think the gang is (almost done) the document you sent us. Can you believe it? 😉 Slow and steady.

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  2. I like the idea of an “I LOVE Books Day!” My hubby and I do not usually do a lot for Valentines Day… I always tell him not to buy me chocolates because I am usually trying to keep to healthy habits… and every year he still buys the chocolates. sigh 🙂

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  3. I always learn something new on your blog! Thanks for sharing this information about International Book Giving Day. I think every day should be for giving books (not to mention chocolate and candle-lit dinners cooked by someone else!)

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    • What a great compliment from a woman whose EVERY blog teaches something valuable 🙂 I’m getting closer to having a more organized blogging schedule to actually start filling in the content on the pages here! My plans for both blogs have barely been tapped into due to the Harry Potter Reread-along and other things that come up, but the content will hopefully start proving to be much more useful, Norah 🙂 Thank you! And I agree—EVERY day should be for book giving 🙂

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      • Thanks for your kind remark, Donna. It is difficult to get that time to be organised and achieve and goals, isn’t it. I am making very slow progress on my website. Small small tiptoe steps. Making choices between things you love (e.g. blogging and HP) is always going to be difficult. We do what we can! 🙂

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  4. Like Valentine’s Day, love shouldn’t only need to be expressed on one day which is why I will take that one step further now and try to share the book love, for many people need to have their eyes opened to book lovin’

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  5. Love this idea, Donna! I think I’ll have to do something on the blog for this next year–I had no idea such a day existed! I also love slipping books into stockings for Christmas. Books are a perfect gift, no matter what the occasion. Thanks for sharing this! -Katie

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