GiveawaysSo, gang, another giveaway has come and gone! And it’s amazing to me, but the same two people won the 6 prizes offered (3 per blog)! Their odds of winning were very strong due to the smaller-than-expected turnout, so they won’t just be getting little envelopes…they’ll be getting big ones! 😀 And it turns out that Cool Mom doesn’t use mousepads (she won BOTH lol), so she said to throw them back into the pot—so I did! Thanks, Cool Mom!

Being relatively new at this blogging thing and having only done two giveaways so far, the first being for the blog launches, I’m not sure my timing was right on this one since it was the holiday season. With that in mind I let it run for 11 days, but I don’t think that made a difference! What I didn’t do, as you may remember, was to be specific about clicking on the links to enter. What I’ve decided is that, for future giveaways, I will number commenters in order of comment succession, then will use Random.org. I think that will work out much better and will be less complicated for everyone overall. Live and learn, right? 😀

So, with all that said, the lucky Writer Side UP! winners ARE:

GIVEAWAYS for BLOG launches

…3 “Writer Side Up!/Creativity               Cookbook Bookmarks to:                              Norah Colvin!

A Writer Side Up! Mousepad to:                           DotedOn!

and a Writer Side Up! Notebook to:                  Norah Colvin!

Congratulations to the WINNERS!

And to see who won the other three prizes, please visit Creativity Cookbook!

Thank you, EVERYone, for your participation on my still “honeymooning” blogs 😀 You make it a pleasure for me!


21 thoughts on “UP!–First GIVEAWAY WINNERS of 2015!

    • Yay, you! 😀 And I have to tell you, I don’t feel as generous as these people who give away big $ gift certificates and books and things. I wish I could afford to do it ’cause I might lol Sending your stuff on Monday! 😀 😎

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