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Seriously—can you imagine what it would be like without them? And in this day and age, libraries are not solely for the housing and sharing of printed material. Along with owning video and audio libraries, many serve as the sole source for computer and internet activity for a lot of people. In many cases local libraries are the hub of community activity!

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Like the majority of people, I cannot afford, nor do I have the room to store the many books I wish to read, study or peruse more casually. Without libraries, where would I turn? Not just as a reader, but as a writer, I am a regular patron of local libraries, averaging 1-3 visits per week. The resources available to me through them is invaluable, to say the least. I am able to order stacks of books, many of which I would not have access to otherwise, whether for the purpose of research, keeping up with new releases or getting my hands on books no longer in print!

Children's 2    Children's 3

There are 75 branches in the library system I use and, oh, am I grateful! When I use “BCCLS.org,” I can search with ease to find the titles I need, and if my most local libraries don’t own it, I simply request it online and choose which branch I’d like it delivered to. The only thing more convenient would be actual delivery to my door! But what fun would that be? I wouldn’t get to enter that bookish wonderland or visit my helpful, friendly, bookish librarians, and that wouldn’t suit me at all.

Reading Area    Audio & Video

The library I frequent most often (pictured in these photos) has a wide variety of activities for children and adults, many of them being weekly events, like Storytime mornings, crafty afternoons and Book Club evenings. On occasion, a local “vintage film expert” picks an old movie and much like Robert Osborne on TCM, graces the audience with its back story. They have a Family Fun Night and seasonal activities, too, like a “Snowman Breakfast.” 😀

Dan Santat art Statue Touch Screen

I had intended to highlight libraries at some point, and do so now with the nudge by Sheila’s Library Challenge. Writing this post and sharing these photos was a joyful task. Visiting libraries always lifts my spirits. Being surrounded by books and book lovers warms my heart and feeds my love for the written word. My appreciation for them has continued to grow with each passing year.

How about you? Do you frequent libraries, local or otherwise? What are your feelings about them?



51 thoughts on “UP!–Library Love <3

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the library! We have some wonderful children’s librarians at our local libraries and they truly go above and beyond when planning programs for the kids. I love the fact that when my son walks into one of our favorite libraries, the librarian not only knows my son, but she knows what kind of books he likes. Wonderful post, Donna! Happy, happy holidays!

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      • Yes, I wrote about my district libraries in Warsaw. I can see there are similarities on activities of our libraries (maybe except movies), but since we have separate libraries for children and adults, I’m not sure what do they exactly do.
        The post is here. https ://forculturessake. wordpress. com/2014/12/17/ local-libraries-in-warsaw-and-a-challenge/

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  2. I love my library, too. It’s quite small as I live in a tiny town, and I borrow books either from there or through inter-library loan from the very bog county libraries. However… my shelves are lined with books I purchase each April at the county’s annual book sale. $1 hardcover, $.50 paper – and so many you can get almost anything. What I can’t get on my list? I get from or through my own little library where I have a wonderful librarian who is beyond helpful. Throughout my childhood from when I was 5, we went every week and came back with stacks of books – the library is a treasure, even in this age of Kindle and other digital distractions.

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    • I just got this lovely, cozy feeling reading about your own “little library” in your “tiny town” 🙂 What sprung to mind was that scene in Because of Winn-Dixie, at the “house” library with Miss Franny Block, India, Amanda and Winn-Dixie 🙂


  3. It’s not an old-fashioned house like that Library, but it is one HUGE room, with a square in the center for the librarian. Adult books go all down one side, and children’s books on the other and to the front and back. There’s a small, open conference area and bean bag chairs for the kids, lots of light, and another reading area with a couple computers in another corner. It’s small, but it’s mine. 🙂

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  4. I love books. I love bookstores. I love libraries. As a adult I don’t spend enough time in libraries. As a child I couldn’t get enough time to spend in libraries! Now I like to own or gift books. I am fortunate I am able to do so. 🙂

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  5. I absolutely adore the Chester County Library System in Pennsylvania. Sadly, they are beleaguered for funding — just like schools — because our Governor does not seem to value education/literacy. Thank heavens we voted him out, and we can only hope the new governor has a different set of values.

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    • This is always so upsetting to hear and it seems to be the unfortunate state of things. Our previous mayor was very supportive of our library (hence, major interior renovations), but I don’t know what’s going to happen now 😦 Honestly, I don’t get it, the devaluation of one of the most important things in culture 😦


  6. As a child I wanted to live in the library! Your library is beautiful! I am a huge fan of ours. We know the names of all of our librarians and always have such a good time. I never have to say no to my son. I can let him get as many books as he wants (or as many as we can carry, whichever one comes first). It is so empowering!

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    • Hi, Elizabeth! So nice to see you here 😀 I’m not sure why you couldn’t post here ’cause you don’t have to be on WordPress to do so. I know lots of people are on blogspot, etc. Anyway, I just popped over to your site and it looks great! I LOVE your header 🙂 Where is that?


      • It never would let me post. Not sure why either, but I am glad I can visit and comment now. 🙂

        The header was taken in Portree, Scotland. Love that adorable place in The Isle Of Skye.

        ENJOY your day, and thanks for popping over to my site.

        See you soon.


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        • I’m glad you did now, Elizabeth 🙂 I’ll check my settings and maybe change something that could be causing a problem ’cause I know you don’t have to be on WordPress to follow, etc. Thanks! 😀


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