UP! — It’s Summer, but Year-Round BOOKS are…

Hello, everyone! I hope your summer’s off to a good start and you’re staying cool 😎

Typically, as you know, my blog posts have more substance, but truth be told—I’ve been working on something for months, intermittently, and it’ll be a while before that’s ready (’cause it’s BIG!). I’m also waiting on a couple of special Q&As I hope to receive by Dot Day, so those are a way off, too.

Just yesterday I happened across a tweet, loved the image and wanted to share it with my fellow book lovers, so I’m throwing this quick little post in the mix and saying “Hi!” at the same time 🙂

This summer I plan on reading Vesper Stamper’s WHAT THE NIGHT SINGS 😀 The book trailer is aMAZing! Seriously — “award-winning, please-make-it-a-movie” amazing!

Happy Summer Reading, all! Do you have any good books lined up?!



8 thoughts on “UP! — It’s Summer, but Year-Round BOOKS are…

  1. Great cartoon and excited for your big news! It harder to get good books in the shops here so I take to traversing the second hand shops looking for hidden gems, I have found a couple of books but it is a challenge. At the moment I am reading Barbara Kingsolver’s The Lacuna and am excited to pick up a few local books as well, get into the literature as it foes hand in hand with the culture.

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    • Ste J!!!! 😀 How are you, my busy friend with an exciting, new, full life 😀 It’ll be a while before that big post/blog is put up, but it will be interesting, I can tell you! SO glad you stopped by and I hope you can build up a nice library again 🙂


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