Every so many weeks I head to Barnes & Noble and allow myself some time to catch up on recent picture book releases. I can easily load two or three dozen books into my basket per visit (thank goodness they now have ones on wheels!), then I get a drink and/or snack in the B&N Cafe and park myself for a 1-3-hour reading fest 😀

For each session I would hand write a list—often times on a napkin—of the books I read to later log on Goodreads. Then a friend (another B&N regular) suggested I snap pics with my phone. Duh! Of course! It never dawned on me to use my little phone in that way (I can actually see all of your jaws dropping 😮 ). Now I do it ALL the time for all sorts of things, especially when shopping!

Anyway, today I finally caught up with logging books read from mid-2016 thru December 2017 (yes, that’s how behind I was and this collage only includes three of the hundreds from the library!). Yesterday I shared a little collage I made from pics of books “in the wild” I’d never gotten around to tweeting and people seemed to enjoy it, so today, going through all these cafe pics, I thought it would be fun to share them too. The difference is that this collage was HUGE! I couldn’t attach it to a tweet so here I am making a post for it. If you love picture books the way I do, I’m sure you will recognize many or most of these books and will catch yourself smiling as you work your way through.

You’ll see all picture books except for one novel and one “writing craft” book. There are three books (all by friends) posted here that weren’t taken by me at the store, one of which I have yet to read 😮 , but I wanted to include them in this little “celebration” of picture books. ALL the others I’ve read, you can be sure!

Now, if you like a little “mystery/clue” challenge, be the first to guess which book I haven’t read, and you’ll win a “Writer Side UP” package (notebook, mouse pad and three bookmarks) 😎 If you actually look at the images and go by what I just stated, you actually can narrow it down to a few and make a guess 😀

To best view this, click on the image to open it in a separate window. I think it’s more comfortable to copy it and save or paste it into an app and enlarge or zoom the image to your liking. And since I wasn’t going to spend unnecessary hours cropping all these, you’ll see snacks, drinks, eyeglasses and whatever else that photo-bombed the pics 😉 In fact, to add a bit to the challenge, if you also properly guess how many images contain a coffee cup, I’ll throw in three extra bookmarks 😉 . Also, after the fact, I noticed I mistakenly pasted an image twice. Name the books in that duplicated image and yet another three bookmarks! hehehe

And this was the one I posted on Twitter:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and take a shot at the little challenge. Here’s to yet another year of Happy Reading! 😀



8 thoughts on “UP!–Some PICTURE BOOK Fun & A GIVEAWAY!

    • Hey, Robin! 😀 I think like most, I have a love/hate relationship with technology, but whatever can make life easier–I’m all for it! Happy New Year, dear friend, and it WILL be filled with great reading–and writing! 😀

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    • Yep! It’s easier to keep up with picture books for the obvious reason of word count. My biggest frustration is the lack of time to read the many novels that surround me, waiting to be read! oxox


  1. That’s a lot of reading, very impressive, I always find that taking a photo of a book I am unsure about for researching later is always a handy way to save money and avoid bad buys. I’m interested to see what you will read this year.

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