UP!–ARTISTS & COLORERS! A Giveaway for You :D


Hello, everyone πŸ˜€ I’m glad you stopped by! Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m doing research on the preferences of artists and coloring enthusiasts with certain tools and could really use your help by answering a few simple multiple-choice questions. For your generosity, I’m offering prizes for three lucky winners! Pictured below, you’ll see I’m giving away two copies of Zentagle for Kids (just as useful for adults, if you ask me!), and a “Writer Side Up!” notebookΒ  😎

I’m hoping for at least 100 participants (more would be even better!) in order to make the study more accurately reflective. Though I can only offer the prizes to U.S. residents (due to postage feesβ€”I’m truly sorry about that :\ ), if you live outside the U.S. and feel moved to do so, I’d really appreciate your input πŸ™‚ It would be great if you could share the link to this post with any artists or colorers you know, including groups, so I can get as many people as possible to participate. “Share” links are at the bottom of this post!

So, if you’re game, please answer these questions (check all that apply), and if you have anything else you can add, please do so in the “Other” field. Since I’ve never done a poll before, I’m not sure if Polldaddy generates a list of participants, so as an added measure, eligible contributors please leave a quick comment in order for you to be entered in the random drawing once you finish the poll πŸ™‚ (…and please let me know if you have any problems submitting a comment…)

**If you select “Other,” it is important to please state what that “other” is πŸ™‚ Also, click “Vote” for every question individually.Thanks!


Thank you SO much for taking the time to answer these questions, and please, if you are eligible, comment below to be entered in the drawing for one of these prizes:

0506162030aHappy Drawing and Coloring, everybody! πŸ™‚



108 thoughts on “UP!–ARTISTS & COLORERS! A Giveaway for You :D

  1. Hi Donna, I’ve been learning how to draw and illustrate for the past two years, working mostly with pencils, but have dabbled in charcoals. It is loads of fun and occasionally gives me something original to post on KLR. How will you use your results?

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  2. Hi Donna, I just finished the poll. I don’t use pencils as often as I used to, but I have never tried an extender. I might pick one up and give it a shot. Thanks!

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  3. I filled it out. Good luck with your research. I recently rediscovered the joys of sketching with a good ol’ #2 pencil again. My color work is done all digitally, but I still sketch with pen or pencil. I do have an extender somewhere for my short pencils, but I don’t know where it’s hiding at the moment. And since I have a hard time throwing things out, the bottom of my pencil and pen mugs are filled with pencil stubs.

    I’m curious about what your research is for. Have fun!

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    • Traci, thanks so much πŸ™‚ The research has to do with the improvement of the pencil situation πŸ™‚ When I’m just doing black and white sketching, I often use a mechanical pencil, but for color, I’ve been using Prismacolor. I have a lot of stubs, too! πŸ™‚


  4. Are you creating a store? Or a better pencil extender? Are you going to KickStart a pencil extender?!? Let me know if you do. I’ll back it. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks so much, Tami πŸ™‚ I have Prismacolor here, too, except black. I have ALL kinds of black! I remember someone mentioning Derwent, I believe—that they’re not as waxy? Can’t remember!


  5. I wouldn’t mind using an extender. Just don’t have one. I do most work by hand and have wanted a tablet to use. Like the Wacom Intuos, or its’ other tablets. I love using chalk,and I have found myself using chalk and watercolors. Or Acrylics with watercolors. Not a bad outcome. I love challenges,and I challenge myself a lot. I love that you have done this. It’s always a good thing to do these types of research questions. It helps get a perspective on what may please the public,and fellow artists. This was a good thing!
    Melindee’s portfolio

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  6. I’m from Canada, so count me out of the give-away, but happy to answer the questions (I love my extenders, I should have more than 3, but I keep them on my favourites.

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  7. Hi Donna,
    I just completed the poll. I should clarify about how I sharpen my pencils. I use a sharpener when I am in hurry but most of the time I use the traditional method or a X-Acto know to cut of the wood and then sharp the lead with a sandpaper block.

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    • Russ, thanks so much for taking the time to do this and to explain this, too. Do you get better results when you do the X-Acto/sandpaper method? Or do you waste less? I’d love to know!


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