UP! — WINNERS of My Dotty Blogversary Giveaway!

GiveawaysWell, it’s official. My blogs are now more than 1 year old. Mere infants, without question, but still—they’re past the crawling stage and have donned walking shoes 🙂 I’m glad you were all here to have this little “celebration” with me and for a couple of you to win a few “party favors” in the process! It’s so much fun giving stuff away 😀

After Random.org did the picking, the “Dotty Blogversary” winners here on Writer Side UP! ARE:





…3 “Writer Side Up!/Creativity               Cookbook Bookmarks to:                           Nancy Tandon!






A Writer Side Up! Mousepad to:                      Lauri Meyers!

(by the way, if a winner doesn’t use a regular mouse, the pad can double as wall art 🙂 )

and a Writer Side Up! Notebook to:        Lovable “Cathy” Lobo!

Congratulations to the WINNERS!


And to see who won the other three prizes, please visit Creativity Cookbook!

Thank you, EVERYone, for sharing time with me on my blog 🙂 I’m honored!


P.S. And my next post will be on the SPECTACULAR 2015 Princeton Book Festival! Yes, it was AMAZING!!! 😀



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