W.S.UP! — LAUNCH PARTY with GIVEAWAYS is right around the corner! SEPT. 2014!


This was an illustration I did several years ago, for an article I wrote called “TV at the Public Library…New York, that is.” It was about the process of adapting picture books for television. At some point, this article will appear on a blog page.

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For those of you who choose to follow my blog before it’s officially online, please excuse me while I work my way into making it the best I can before I go “LIVE.” I’m getting the hang of WordPress and learning more about blogging, but am still working out content and my approach for posting. Once everything’s under control and my blogging weather is “good for launch,” Writer Side UP! will be UP and running! When that first post goes UP, you’ll be automatically notified if you’re already following. Looking forward to having you here 🙂

Thank you!


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                I JUST WON A PRIZE IN THE #ArmchairBEA Twitter Chat! What a great week following blogs participating in it all week long. Book lovers are the BEST! 😀

                                   FIRST BOOK OF THE  YEAR 2014!

Since my blog isn’t up yet, I’m including this in my Pre-launch post. On the wonderful “Book Journey” blog, Sheila is hosting “First Book of the Year 2014” 🙂 Check it out here:

                                 Sheila's link for First Book of the Year 2014

My first book of the year was One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt and here is the review I put up on Goodreads:

To say I LOVED this book? YES, I DID!!! I was drawn into Carley’s story from the first page and it never let up. My heart was poked at and twisted more during this read than any book I can remember, and I sobbed for so much of the last third of the book (which I could NOT put down and read ’til past 4am!), I had puffy eyes the entire following day.

This book is filled with heart, conflict, generosity, unconditional love and characters so believable, you feel like you could touch them, hug them, hold their hand and even smack them when they needed it. I consider this a “must read” for young and old alike. Outstanding writing. Outstanding story.

                                     Pic2 of me Reading for Sheila's blog 2014

My entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s

The First Ever Pretty-Much-World-Famous Illustration Contest!”

Goldilockup by Mike Allegra

Vertical with Title/Author and Bars:

THREE BEARS -with TITLE for Susanna's contest copy

Taken from this artwork:

THREE BEARS - framed for Susanna's contest copy

…and I figured I’d show you the left side of the page spread (which is what it was originally done for, leaving room for the text):

GOLDILOCKS -framed for Susanna's contest copy

This is how it was to look as a double-page spread:


72 thoughts on “W.S.UP! — LAUNCH PARTY with GIVEAWAYS is right around the corner! SEPT. 2014!

  1. Congratulations on the pre-launch Donna! I love the header and the falling snow background. And what I REALLY appreciate about the Library article artwork is the perspective view and exquisite detail of Cat in the Hat, plus the expression captured on the lions face. Brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YEAH!!

    A good Merry Christmas to you my friend. I am thrilled to see comments and posts and activity galore on your site. I love you have giveaways, and I always love to win–tho usually do not–but I do not care about those. I am super pumped that you are ready to face us and give us youor thoughts and your art.

    The Lion and the Cat-in-the-Hat is so cool. How do you get a sidelined image like the Cat to look perfect on that TV tube is beyond me, but it rocks. Seriously Fantastic! Both the illustration and the grand opening. Congrats, Donna.


    • Sue, you’re always so wonderfully supportive and your excitement never fails to make me feel good 😀 Thank you SO much for that! I haven’t been able to get some of the stuff done I need to before I feel comfortable launching ’cause I’ve been sidetracked selling my cars, the holidays and all things in between, but I’m shooting for January, when everyone and everything slows down a bit 🙂

      And getting the image of the Cat in the Hat on the TV in that perspective worked for me more easily than I expected. It’s been a few years since I did that artwork and I’ll be posting the original article at some point 🙂 So glad you like it!


  3. Great art work! I love creativity and it’s always fun following new, creative people. I’m glad you found and like my blog, Amanda’s Books and More. I wish you all the best with yours and send me a link when your post is live. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a great mini-review for the real Goodreads posted review. I love the heart and soul you put into books. You will make a terrific reviewer, when you review here. I cannot wait for the big reveal. You must be awfully busy. I have not “seen” you around. I miss your comments, but am so glad you are close to “Showtime!”

    This book sounds amazing. Would you really slap a character around? I cannot see you doing that, but it could be fun depending on the character and the slap. Your reviews–and posts–will be so much fun to comment on. I am still breathlessly waiting. Hurry, I need to breath!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sue, thank you SO much for hanging in there with me 🙂 I have actually had the flu for 9+ days now, so have accomplished very little, and definitely not with my blogs : / You remember the project I was trying to finish up to send some little “surprises” to several people, including you? AAALLL the way back on Fri. the 24th, I was on a roll, got stuff laminated and did errands, then decided not to push my luck being out in the germ-infested world, so went home. Ironically, the following day was the beginnings of the flu. Figures! I can’t believe how long it’s lingering! Stay well, my friend 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Deb 🙂 Getting it together to launch has been a long and winding road. I need just a few more ducks in a row (and yes, I know they’ll wander out of line sometimes) before I do it. Looking forward to seeing you here!


  5. Donna! You are so talented! I love your illustrations for the contest, but I also love your picture of the lion watching the Cat In The Hat on TV! 🙂 And how fun that everyone is getting to come and see your fledgling blog, so now everyone will know you’re here 🙂 I’m so glad you decided to join in the illustrating fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Susanna, you are so kind! 😀 Yes, after I realized everyone was looking at the links and not the comments, I thought about it and although my blogs aren’t launched yet, figured I’d post it anyway, just the way I posted the “first book of the year” here. I have to work on some queries, then I should FINALLY be able to get to work on finishing these blogs for launch 🙂 Thanks SO much, Susanna 😀 😀 😀


  6. I just love your illustration! The expressions on the bears, the colors, and shading are perfect! Writer side up? No wonder I thought you were JUST a writer. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, S&K! You are SO funny! LOL There IS no book! lol It was actually an assignment for an Illustrator Intensive. We had to pick an excerpt we would consider a double-page spread (we had 7 stories to pick from, I think). The text was taken from an actual book though! From Disney-Hyperion, but I have no idea which book exactly. The story was called Goldenlocks and The Three Bears. And thanks for moseying on by, wagging your tails around in here 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  7. OK, it’s pretty cool and quite unexpected, but can you believe it? I’m one of the 6 finalists! Congratulations to EVERYone, including the many who entered who did such wonderful work! I’m sure the judges had a VERY hard time with this!


    • Thanks, Sheila 🙂 You’re so wonderfully supportive and I appreciate it. I have to work on developing an illustration style for a book I wrote. If not for that, I’d be focusing COMPLETELY on getting these blogs up. I’m looking forward to them finaling rolling 🙂


  8. I want to start visiting your blogs, as you’ve been such a wonderful presence on mine; however, instead of leaving a note in full right now, as I’m in the throes of a new book review, I wanted to say, “One for the Murphys” was one of the books I wanted to read last year myself! I keep checking it out of the library every odd moon, and this has re-inspired me to finally buckle down, borrow it once more, and read it straight through! I *love!* MG & YA novels, and once I read it I’ll wander back here & talk to you about it for sure! Although, if I truly love reading it, my observations will most likely end up on my blog! Laughs.

    Thanks for always leaving me joy notes on my blog!
    You’re presence is appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Jorie! Thanks so much for following 🙂

      As you can see, they are not fully launched yet, and I’ve FINALLY been working on the page contents pre-launch. I’m hoping very soon 🙂 This page has actually been a bit of a “catch all” being used for a couple of purposes recently but not wanting to post something new just yet. I’ve been enjoying following you and hopefully you’ll enjoy these blogs once I launch 🙂


      • I had a sneaky feeling your launch was delayed, but I’ve not had the proper chance to even converse with you due to various reasons, and wanted to at least drop by when I had the moment to visit! 🙂 I won’t leave notes after this one until your ready as that will just complicate things for you! At least, as I reply on my blog, we can talk a bit prior to your big launch! Let me know straight-away via Twitter when you do – I’d be plumb happy to tweet about it!

        Liked by 1 person

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