CraftInWriting_WriterSideUp.com_byDonnaMarieI can’t calculate the amount of time I’ve spent learning about the craft of writing! ALL those hours have been enjoyable and truth be told, I never tire of it! For me, just the act of talking about “all things literary” is a gratifying experience. My writer’s appetite is insatiable!  And I find I’m always hungry for that precious nugget of wisdom—that “writing life”-changing tip. Aren’t you?

My “writer’s” bookshelf is lined with only a fraction of what’s available on the craft of writing, and I’ve only skimmed the surface. Then, of course, the internet affords us a plethora of sources, all just a click away! And I canNOT stress enough about the importance of workshops, whether online or at events like SCBWI Conferences.

When it comes to writing craft, I feel I will always be a perpetual student. With as much as I know and have learned, there is even more I don’t know. On occasion, I’m sure I’ll feel the need to post here about a particular subject, probably sparked by the many interesting subjects I either read about or discussions I participate in elsewhere in the KidLit blogosphere. For sure I will post books I find useful, along with internet resources of value, too! Here’s to the thankfully never-ending subject of writing craft!

  • Nerdy Chicks DO Rule! 😀 A post highlighting the extraordinary sites and teaching forums created by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and Kami Kinard.

More content to come…




6 thoughts on “CRAFT

    • Thank you for that link, Sue 🙂 Actually, I’m surprised WordPress allowed it to post! Not that I have to worry with you 🙂 I will definitely check it out. I’m not sure what content I’ll be putting up. It will come over time, and chances are, I will be referring to others’ blogs, just like the one you posted for us now! 😀


      • Um, Donna, I did not post any url on my comment. I don’t know how it got there, but it was not me. First day ghouls might be infiltrating your blog. Probably moved in when you were not looking. The more you post the faster they will move out. I was so hoping it would not happen to you, too. At least they gave you a good link . . . oh, no, they are on Diane’s site, too.

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