ArtTools_WriterSideUp.com_byDonnaMarieAs illustrators in the modern world, we have SO many options as to how we go about creating our art. We can choose traditional methods, using tools like pencils, brushes and paper, or we can create images digitally.

I happen to prefer creating my art traditionally, but am coming to appreciate the ways using programs like Photoshop can expedite and improve my pieces once scanned into the computer. Not yet trained in using the software, I’ve only touched the surface of all its possibilities and at some point down the line, plan to learn it much more extensively.

Regardless of the method, I know I am always eager to learn new and better techniques in using any medium or tool. Hopefully we will share some of that information here and gained through other sources I post in Links along with whatever you offer up. I’m looking forward to it all!

More content to come…




9 thoughts on “TOOLS

  1. Is this where you will teach me Photoshop Basics? And Illustrator, I want to know how to use that one too. And everything else you know and are going to share . . . I want to know. I’m ready. I’m in. Hit me with your best post.

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