I have to tell ya — the last thing I thought to be doing right now would be writing just for the fun of it! I’m so ridiculously busy, it doesn’t even cross my mind. And although I WANTed to participate in this year’s Fall Writing Frenzy, I didn’t expect to. Long story short, the other night, during the very-difficult-to-watch Presidential Debate, I happened to catch a reminder tweet from Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez, co-organizer along with Lydia Lukidis, that it was almost entry time and, of course, I again checked out the “Rules” page with all the image prompts.

Maybe it’s that I miss writing for fun. Maybe it’s how much I miss autumn peaks that no longer exist where I live — not for a good 15 years. Maybe it’s just that I ached for a creative break — the kind that doesn’t involve pressure or promotion or anything “required” other than staying within the 200-word count.  Again, just like last year, there are some GREAT donors for prizes :), and though I certainly wouldn’t mind the interest of an agent or editor 😉, it’s not why I did it. Honestly, even if I’m not a winner this year (I was last year! Yay!), I’m glad I participated because IT FELT SO GOOD TO WRITE FOR FUN! And it reaffirms that I definitely enjoy picture prompts 📸. There were SO many great ones on the page to pick from, but that first one was all I needed. So, without further ado, this is what was inspired by “Image 1” (courtesy of Unsplash):

And don’t just settle for my writing here. There are SO many talented writers with entries you can find on the entry chart.

Kaitlyn and Lydia — thank you for the inspiration!

                                    And GOOD LUCK to all participants! ✏📝🖋

33 thoughts on “UP!–My 2020 “FALL WRITING FRENZY” Entry :D

    • Rose, thank you so much for reading and commenting 🙂 Fall has always been so magical and I’ve missed seeing the peaks I used to take long drives through. Our area has definitely been affected by climate change. I would LOVE to have a day like this one 😀


    • Ha! Wendy 😀 😀 😀 Like you (and you’re aMAZing book, which you know I own ), I LOVE clouds! 😀 Did you put your entry on your blog? I can’t seem to find the entry page where so many people posted in comments :-/


  1. Really enjoyed this- such evocative writing.
    In fact if it wasn’t pouring down right now, I’d go and sit outside and read a book!
    Brilliant title as well 😀

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  2. What a wonderful welcome to Fall! I love your vivid, illuminating descriptions, especially the squirrel scampering up a tree to the shifting of the narrator’s foot as if it were on the gas! @AnneLipton

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